college life

6 Things That Are Acceptable In College But Not In The Real World


College is it’s own world and there is literally no place like it.


6 Terrifying Things That Didn’t Scare Us as Kids


It’s amazing to look back at the ignorance that once enveloped your entire childhood and think to yourself, ‘wow, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about anything.


Where Are They Now? Pokémon


We all remember Pokémon fever in the 90’s.

aristotle georgeson

The 9 Funniest Vines From Comedian Aristotle Georgeson


Comedian Aristotle Georgeson is a freelancer here at BroBible and although he has been on hiatus for the last month due to normal hiatus-causing things, we have been keeping an eye on him via his Twitter and Vine.


6 Things Every Summer Blockbuster Has In Common


Every summer, Hollywood spends billions of dollars trying to blow your mind with hot action thrill-rides with amazing special effects.

aristotle georgeson

The 7 Best Pranks of All Time


April Fool’s Day is upon us and just like every year, guys everywhere will receive text messages from their girlfriend or ex girlfriend saying, “I’m pregnant” and ex girlfriends everywhere will be receiving texts that says, “You should get tested.


5 Jokes That Could Change the Way People Think


The standard equation for great standup comedy is “pain x time = humor.

State of the Union

5 REAL Issues That Should Have Been Mentioned During The State Of The Union Address


This past Tuesday America sat down and watched the annual State of The Union Address and just like every year of watching this RIVETING speech, I walked away disappointed.


6 Reasons Why We Can Never Stop Using Google


I love the convenience of the modern world because anything is possible and everything is accessible.

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