Holy Shitsnacks! ‘Archer’ Is Coming To Comedy Central


The 2nd highest rated comedy on cable, 'Archer', is headed to Comedy Central in a basic cable to basic cable syndication deal similar to what Comedy Central has done with 'It's Always Sunny'.

conan o brien

Archer Takes Conan To The Danger Zone As They Battle Russian Gangsters


Who knew that the affable Conan O'Brien was also a deadly spy.


‘Archer’ Is Back! — Celebrate With This Classy Sterling Archer ‘Tactleneck’ Sweater


It’s pretty much a given that we all want to steal the swag of Sterling Archer.

kim kardashian butt memes

‘Archer’ And Charles Barkley Cranked The Kim Kardashian Butt Meme To A Whole New Level


Just when I thought there not possibly be a Kim Kardashian butt meme even close to as clever as the Homer Simpson one we saw yesterday comes Archer and their version of Kim Kardashian's naked ass photo putting the ISIS head of H.


‘Archer’ Quotes Over James Bond Photographs Is Sheer Perfection


Archer plus James Bond is a match made in hysterical heaven.

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Watch the Ultimate Supercut of Sterling Archer One-Liners


A supercut of one-liners from the drunken, womanizing, and hilarious title star of Archer.

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