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Archer as the HAL 9000 in ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Is Hysterical

Perfect, even.

The Ten Biggest Cartoon Bros Of All-Time

Childhood memories. Now bro-ified

‘Archer’ Quotes Over James Bond Photographs Is Sheer Perfection

Archer plus James Bond is a match made in hysterical heaven.

Watch the Ultimate Supercut of Sterling Archer One-Liners

A supercut of one-liners from the drunken, womanizing, and hilarious title star of Archer? Yes. Yes please.

‘Archer’ Promotes New Season by Posting Nude Pics to Reddit’s GoneWild Forum

Take note, aspiring marketing bros: This is how you do it. Archer hilariously promoted its fifth season by posting pictures of its characters on Reddit's NSFW subreddit r/gonewild. Krieger poses on

Here’s the First Preview for ‘Chozen,’ FX’s Animated Comedy about a White, Gay Rapper

Eastbound & Down met its triumphant end last night—if you haven't seen Kenny's ride off into the sunset, specifically the genius final five minutes and Stevie

Watch a Hilarious ‘Archer’ Preview Involving Gunfire and Whiskey

There are 61 more days until Archer returns. This is distressing news, but thankfully Sterling, Krieger and poor, beleagured Brett tide things over today with

OMG, You Guys: Someone Finally Made an ‘Archer’ x Kenny Loggins ‘Danger Zone’ ‘Top Gun’ Mash-Up!

This is too amazing to be real. The mad geniuses at FX's Archer finally recreated the scene from Top Gun with Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone. Hype is REAL....

Archer’s 15 Greatest Sports Moments

Waaaaahooo! No one can pull lax dangles like Sterling Archer. 

The 22 Weirdest (Yet Still Hilarious) Sexual Situations In ‘Archer’

Sigmund Freud were alive today, he'd have a field day with "Archer." Arguably the most badass cartoon show ever made (yeah, I said it), there

Here’s a Supercut of Every Insulting Name Said in ‘Archer’

"Archer" comes back on Thursday, and we're pretty pumped about it. So are the good folks at Slacktory, who put together this supercut of insulting

Wooo Hooo! There Are New ‘Archer’ Clips

One month from now, "Archer," our favorite cartoon, hooker-banging lax Bro returns to FX for a fourth season. Wooo Hooo! Lucky for us all, there

The 20 Most Bad*ss Spies and Secret Agents in Film and TV History

We're halfway through the third season of the hit FX show “Archer,” and thankfully it's already been renewed for a fourth season. For those

Archer Says ‘Totally’ Quite a Lot: The Supercut

We can all agree that "Archer" is the best comedy on TV, right? Good. Our boy Maske over at Uproxx dugg up this

15 Classic ‘Archer’ Scenes In Animated GIF Form to Get You Pumped for Season Three*

There are few things that bring out my inner-fanboy like Sterling Archer. Born of Adam Reed's wild imagination, the prep school-bred lax bro ISIS agent

Sterling Archer Plays Pirate Lacrosse

If you haven't been watching the "Archer" mini-season, man... That sucks. The past two episodes have been some of Sterling Archer best exploits