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Here’s the Most Bizarre Review You’ll Read of Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’


There are plenty of obvious criticisms you can give to Arcade Fire's fourth studio album, Reflektor: It's too long, its songs kind of sound the same, its cover hangs too much Greek statue dong.

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Listen to Arcade Fire’s New Album ‘Reflektor’ a Week Early


It's way too early to give a meaningful review to the new Arcade Fire album Reflektor, which just started streaming an hour ago, but here are three takes: 1.


Remix Of Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start On Upcoming Deluxe Edition Of ‘The Suburbs’


It's going to be a tough Monday because it's summer, you had a relaxing weekend, and frankly, just because it's Monday on you don't want to go to work.

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New Kid Cudi, Plus OK Go’s Latest Amazing Video


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