bruce irvin

Bruce Irvin Joked About Getting A DUI For April Fools’ Day, It Didn’t Go Well


Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin got in on the April Fools Day fun this morning.

april fools

This Virginia Tech Student April Fools’d His Roommate Into Selling His La-Z-Boy Sofa Chair To The KKK


I’ve seen a lot of April Fool’s Day jokes in my 22 years of life, but none of them have involved the KKK.


Watch This Guy Trick People Into Fondling A Giant Ballsack


April is testicular cancer awareness month, so what better way to bring awareness than to trick a bunch of people into fondling a giant ballsack on April Fool’s Day.


LeBron James Dropped a Rap Song Today, It’s A Real Pile of Shit


Not going to sugar coat it: in the annals of April Fools pranks this will go down as one of the shittiest.

Waffle House prank

Waffle House employee calls 911 over fake robbery in worst April Fools’ prank ever


Frankly, I expect much smarter behavior from my Waffle House waitresses.

y chromosome

Pinnacle Vodka creates ‘The Man Collection’ of flavors


Pinnacle Vodka is the leading offender in the flavored vodka category, and things are about to get worse with "The Man Collection.

The Internet

The 10 Best April Fools Day Pranks on the Internet


April Fools Day: Annoying, occasionally clever, and, increasingly, a chance for websites to attempt to one-up each other in the joke-making department.

scope bacon

Scope Bacon Mouthwash – April Fools or real product?


Everything must be taken with a grain of salt this time of year, and there is nothing saltier than bacon.


Let’s Be Real: ‘Google Nose’ Would Take Watching Porn to a Whole New Level


Google just "introduced" a new search engine product called "Google Nose," which reportedly allows Google's billions and billions of search users to experience a specific scent via the computers, phones, and tablets.

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