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This Student’s April Fools’ Prank on Her Professor Is Exactly How You Prank Someone

This is how you use someone's rules to your advantage.

Here’s the Hazy Trailer for…‘Pineapple Express 2’?

There's going to be a Pineapple Express 2? Is everyone at Sony high? 

Let’s Be Real: ‘Google Nose’ Would Take Watching Porn to a Whole New Level

Google just "introduced" a new search engine product called "Google Nose," which reportedly allows Google's billions and billions of search users to experience a specific

The Best April Fools Prank Products: Then and Now

Dumb shit has been around for awhile. 

VIDEO: Google Announces ‘Gmail Motion’

Yeah, yeah. It's an April Fools joke. But, still -- as someone who has a Gmail inbox open 16 hours a day -- it's definitely