Ten Ways To Improve Uber


Uber needs all the PR help it can get right now.

guys vs girls

Girls Are Answering ‘Truth Bombs’ From Guys On The Dude-Rating App Lulu


The dude-rating app Lulu is something many single, ready-to-mingle dudes live in fear of.

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Try To Guess How Much Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Game Made, Then Cry That You’ll Never Come Close To Making That Much


Wikipedia Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is Kim’s own freemium game where you try to become just as famous as Kim by doing…nothing.


4 iPhone Games That Are Ruining My Fucking Life


While many people might let the benefits of their doctor-diagnosed attention disorder go to waste, I use mine solely for good - playing iPhone games.

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Are You Following BroBible On The Yo App Yet? Username ‘BroBible’


As the guy behind BroBible's "Yo" username, I can't preach enough about how much I like the app.


This Wristband Tracks How Drunk You Are And Lets Your Friends Know Where The Fuck You’ve Wandered Off To


Vive This is Vive, a smart wristband that does its best to make sure you don't do anything too stupid or become a tragic statistic when you're heavily intoxicated.

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App Lets You Use LinkedIn To Hook-Up With Strangers Who Have Jobs


Once upon a time I assigned David to write an article about how to hook-up with girls using exclusively LinkedIn.

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