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Did You Know That The ‘Bro App’ From Last Night’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is A Real App?

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While watching last night's episode of Silicon Valley, my ears quickly perked up when I heard the Pied Piper gang cracking jokes about a Bro app.

college partying

Move Over, Snapchat: College Kids Are Using An App Called ‘Yeti: Campus Stories’ For Pics Of Sex, Drugs, And Partying


If there's one thing college kids love more than sex and partying, it's making college Snapchats where they share their sex and partying.


SNL App Puts 40 Years Of The Show At Your Fingertips PLUS A Dick In A Box Emoji


I don't know which news is more exciting -- this new SNL app or the fact I can send my mom a dick in the box emoji every day forever.

Drunk Stuff

Here’s One Way To Ensure You Never Get Nailed For Drunk Driving Again


And that one way is to not drink and get behind the wheel.


A Total Stranger Wants To Call Your Cell To Wake You Tomorrow If You’re Interested


The snooze button is the most pointless invention of modern times.


5 iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed


iPhones and other smartphones alike are no longer used for the sole purpose of a cell phone; I don’t even keep the Phone app on my dock.

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