Drunk Stuff

Here’s One Way To Ensure You Never Get Nailed For Drunk Driving Again


And that one way is to not drink and get behind the wheel.


A Total Stranger Wants To Call Your Cell To Wake You Tomorrow If You’re Interested


The snooze button is the most pointless invention of modern times.


5 iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed


iPhones and other smartphones alike are no longer used for the sole purpose of a cell phone; I don’t even keep the Phone app on my dock.


This NSFW App Lets You Design People With Giant Dicks Or Boobs And Is A Solid Way To Waste 20 Minutes Of Your Life


I could sit here and come up with a lot of fluff content to throw around in this post about how in middle school we’d all giggle about genitalia and blah blah blah boobs, but I won’t.


This Infographic Shows How Your Career Affects Whether You’re More Likely To Get Friend-Zoned Or Have Casual Hookups


The mobile dating app called Clover recently examined 33,000 of its users from across the United States to see if people’s career choices affected the type of relationships they had.


Ten Ways To Improve Uber


Uber needs all the PR help it can get right now.

guys vs girls

Girls Are Answering ‘Truth Bombs’ From Guys On The Dude-Rating App Lulu


The dude-rating app Lulu is something many single, ready-to-mingle dudes live in fear of.

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