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U.S. Map Shows Which States Are Best to Live In If You’re Just Looking For Casual Sex

We just received this map created by Clover, which is an app that allows you too meet singles who have the […]

5 Apps Every Bro Needs Right Now

Get downloading, fool.

New Sex Tape App ‘Disckreet’ Is a Game Changer and Could Be a Life Saver After a Bad Breakup

So...Disckreet might not be a bad $.99 investment.

Why ‘Yo’ Someone When You Can ‘Hodor’ Them? This New App Does Just That

Equally pointless, but 100x better.

Bros… Our Username on ‘Yo’ Is ‘BroBible’ — Add Us So We Can Blow You Up at 4AM

Bros… We’ve had our fair share of techs ups and downs here at BroBible, but when we found out about […]

BroBible Captured Another Epic Night Out Using JägerBonds — Check It Out

Creating your own badass musical montage is just a touch of a button away with JägerBonds.

15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Sports 2.0

Frat Bros Are Using a Secret-Sharing App to Confess Things They Would Never Tell Their Fraternity Brothers

If you're not familiar with the app Whisper, here's why you should be: Bros are dishing out their deepest fears, confessions, and insecurities on it

Millenials Are Now Licking Their Phone Screens to Learn How to Go Down on Girls

Hey! Remember when you didn't need an app to learn how to go down on a girl?

Keep Track of All Your Nights Out with Jägermeister’s New App, JägerBonds

It's time to get into a JägerBonds, Bros.

Next Time You’re Trying to Woo a Girl on a Date, Pay the Check on an App Without Asking for It

There is nothing worse than a post-meal,  pre-departure lull when you’re out on a date. It can make or break […]

What SHOULD Happen When You Reach Level 999 In Flappy Bird…

Flappy Bird is so insanely simple, yet so insanely addictive. Navigating a labyrinth of 2-D pipes is obviously remincenist of a video […]

Ever Wonder What Tinder Would Be Like If It Was Just for Bros?

I feel like there might be a market for this app, if it were actually real. Say you're in Milwaukee for a business trip, yet

6 Dating Apps for When You’re in a Relationship

I would invest in so many of these. Next Snapchat? Next Snapchat... 

Is Snapchat’s New ‘Stories’ Update a Facebook Killer for Young People?

An interesting new update just rolled out for Snapchat on iOS and Android. It's an option to create Snapchat Stories, which is a temporary social network to share unique content with friends

‘Boyfriend Tracker’ Is the Terrifying App That Is Now, Thankfully, Banned

A Brazilian app that women use to monitor their boyfriend's texts and movements has been banned from the Google Play app store after men complained

Skip Commercials for the Rest of Your Life, Plus 10 Things We Want

Products that will make you happy.

Here Is an App That Determines If You’re Good at Sex

In the iTunes store, there now sit apps that tell you what strangers to bang, which friends to bang, and when to bang. I suppose

Stop Everything: You Can Now Play as Usain Bolt In ‘Temple Run 2’


BreakupText is the Breakup App Gutless People Have Been Craving

An app to help you break up with someone via text message, that's what BreakupText offers. Because not only are you living without a backbone,

WOAH: Candy Crush Is Making An Estimated $633,000 a Day

Like many smartphone-owning people across the globe. I am addicted to Candy Crush. I just passed the point of no return where I had to

Looking for an App That Helps You Avoid Other People? This Thing Does, and It Rules

One of the main plotlines in the new season of Arrested Development is George Michael's invention of the "Anti-Facebook," an online device that would keep

You Will Be Able to Watch Porn on Google Glass If App Company MiKandi Has Anything to Say About It

This still doesn't make me want Google Glass -- nothing short of X-ray vision would cause that to happen -- but if anything sells it's

This Dumb App Is Like Snapchat for Coworker Gossip

Every single person who knows how to code, it seems, has an app. In theory, this is great. There's an unlimited amount of shit you

Intoducing ‘Pikinis,’ an iPhone App in Beta That Lets You Detect Swimsuit Photos of Facebook Friends

A New York-based app developer is currently testing an iPhone app that's going to turn a lot of heads. It's called "Pikinis." In the apps own

Is Twitter’s #Music App a Game Changer? Probably Not

Twitter is a place where people like myself, social media refugees from a swarming Facebook hive, generally feel safe. I follow all kinds of people:

The Downside of Sex Apps Like Bang With Friends and Tinder

These things can come with strings attached... 

10 Apps To Help Get You Laid

“Getting lucky” should no longer be an expression because it’s not a matter of luck at all. In today’s society it’s about how you leverage

Is Ebroticons the Next Great App for Android Bros Up Their Texting Game?

A sweet, Bro-worthy app recently popped up in the Google Play store: Ebroticons, an emoticons texting app claiming it's "just for Bros." If you've ever

10 iPhone Apps for the Socially Awkward

Are you a clueless, socially-awkward dolt? No worries.... There's an app for that! 

Drinking Mirror: New App Shows What Excessive Boozing Will Do To Your Face and It Ain’t Pretty

Spoiler Alert: You'll look like jackhammered dog shit. As if we didn't all know that already. 

5 Apps That Someone Needs to Make NOW

Whether you’re the industrious type or simply the recipient of a bong rip-induced creative spark, everyone has had an idea for great smartphone app (I

How to Block Annoying Political Posts on Facebook

This might be the most important "how-to" video you'll watch this week. The good guys at Lifehacker created a helpful video tutorial on how to rid

The Burner App Will Change Texting as We Know It

You know the drill: If you want to humiliate someone's skills as a pick-up artist, give out a fake number. it's a two-way game, whether

AXE Launches Planet AXE and its First Mobile Game, AXEMAN

Last week AXE launched its new “AXEMAN” mobile app, which is the feature release of its new play-to-win gaming community, Planet AXE. AXEMAN allows you

Looking for This? A New App for Windows Phone Can Help

This has arguable been the worst winter for skiiers and snowboarders in recent memory. The whole country's been dry for a better part of the

Watch a Briskified Yoda and Darth Maul Do Battle (Sort Of)

There have been many battles in the Star Wars universe: Luke vs. Darth Vader, Han Solo vs. Boba Fett, all of humanity vs. Jar Jar

Soletron’s iPhone App Is The Holy Grail for Sneakerheads

Where'd you get those kicks?" When do those come out ?  How long did you have to wait in line? I must have heard my

We Aggressively Oppose the New ‘Bromance’ App for the iPhone and Android

No. This is not all right. Despite claiming to be an app for straight men, this Bromance app (which apparently launched yesterday) is a "men

Casey Anthony Is the New Poster Girl For Apple’s News Category Apps

A reader just sent us the picture of a screen shot he took of his iPhone with the comment, "Look at who Apple has chosen