This Wristband Tracks How Drunk You Are And Lets Your Friends Know Where The Fuck You’ve Wandered Off To


Vive This is Vive, a smart wristband that does its best to make sure you don't do anything too stupid or become a tragic statistic when you're heavily intoxicated.

dating apps

App Lets You Use LinkedIn To Hook-Up With Strangers Who Have Jobs


Once upon a time I assigned David to write an article about how to hook-up with girls using exclusively LinkedIn.

us maps

U.S. Map Shows Which States Are Best to Live In If You’re Just Looking For Casual Sex


We just received this map created by Clover, which is an app that allows you too meet singles who have the same sexual intent as you.


Turn your miles of running into works of art


  You know all those GPS-created maps on your workout app that show the route of your run.

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