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Apple’s New Holiday Commerical Might Give You a Feeling or Two

Hate on the commercialization of Christmas all you want. Sometimes brands get it right. 

6 Essential Tips For Mac Users

Shameful Admission: I promised myself years ago, when I bought my first iPod, that I would never go full Apple. Well, friends, I have gone full

Is Apple Trying to Turn Your Old iPhone Lame?

There was once a time, not too long ago, when the original iPhone (the "1") was considered the pinnacle of cell phone technology. It was revolutionary.

Apple Announces iPad Air, Which Is Very Thin

Apple held an event today to announce improvements to its tablets, and the iPad Air came away as the big reveal. The machine isn't,

iOS 7 Is Destroying College’s WiFi

iOS 7 came to campuses like a total fuckin' buzzkill ALE agent this weekend, crashing multiple college WiFi networks and even prompting several university

The First Trailer For ‘Jobs,’ the Movie About Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, Just Dropped

Steve Jobs changed most of our lives with his incredible mind for technological innovation. Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, is probably responsible for all

Watch Steve Jobs Amazingly Predict the Future of Technology

Think back on the computer you used as a kid. Was it a Macintosh? A Gateway 2000? A $3,000 Dell? The color interface was mind-blowing.

Brilliant Somersby Cider Commercial Mocks the Apple Store

Hahahahaha. Oh the Apple store, you're such an easy target. The only thing this video is lacking is an acne-faced 20-year-old in a "genius" t-shirt

Conan Spoofs the iPad Mini with a Commercial for the ‘iPad Mini Mega’ and the ‘iPad Mini Mega Micro’

The consensus is out: iPad Mini might be the most pointless Apple product to date. What's the point of a device that does the exact

Meet ‘Venus,’ Steve Jobs’ Massive 250-Foot Yacht That Looks Like a Floating Apple Store

Apple fanboys, eat your heart out. Here's one Apple-inspired product you won't be able to stand in line for or smugly

Jimmy Kimmel Lets People Play with an iPad Mini, Except It’s Just an iPod

These pranks continue to be a gift that keeps on giving. Could there possibly be a more useless product than the iPad Mini? Though comparisons

SNL Shames Apple Geeks and iPhone 5 Hysteria with ‘Tech Talk’ Skit

You know what's a good time? Making fun of Apple fanboys who care waaaay too much about Apple Maps glitches and how the new iPhone

Watch Apple’s Moving Tribute to Steve Jobs on the One Year Anniversary of His Passing

Steve Jobs passed away one year ago today, a much longer period of time than it feels like. The company he left behind, Apple, has

Fake Apple Employee Pranks iPhone 5 Fanatics By Botching Delivery

If you camp out for days to get the newest technology, you deserve to get pranked, trolled, whatever.

A Banned iPhone 5 Promo

Who doesn't like making a mockery of the latest Apple gadget? That's exactly what the guys at the Gentlemen's Rant did. 

Here’s Apple’s Official Introduction Video for the iPhone 5

Apple's iPhone 5 can't be ignored, so here's their super clean hype video introducing the next iPhone. Pre-order it tomorrow at an Apple store near

Jimmy Kimmel Offers a First Look at the iPhone 5

Did everyone on the planet tell you about the new iPhone 5 yesterday? It's sleek and shiny and, thanks to the devices' 9-pin Lightning port

Sh*t Apple Fan Boys Say

There's a pretty good chance you know a douchebag just like this. Pretentious, overly-enthusiastic, and evangelizes about how great Apple is because "you don't get

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Recently Discovered Apple Film

Steve Jobs had plenty of great ideas. This nine-minute film follow-up to Apple’s famous “1984” Super Bowl commercial is certainly not

Old Lady Has Had It With Apple, Newfangled Glass Doors

An 83-year-old woman is suing Apple for $1 million after she smashed face-first into glass doors at a Long Island store. If she

The Gentlemen’s Rant: iPad

In their most recent video, the guys from The Gentlemen's Rant tackle the new iPad, which has Apple nerds across the

Watch Apple Scotland’s New Commercial for Siri

As you can imagine, the language barrier when it comes to using the iPhone 4S's Siri can be quite difficult. Here's funny guy Gavin McInnes'

Introducing the iShred Snowboard, a Snowboard That’s an iPad

Earlier this month the design crew at Signal Snowboards built a board so geeky that it's remarkably cool. Called the iShred,

Watch moe. Perform ‘Crab Eyes’ Using Only iPads

If you're into jambands and you grew up in the Northeast, you're probably quite familiar with the band moe. Maybe you've even had

Obsessed Apple Fan Gets Steve Jobs Haircut

There have been many tributes to the technology messiah known as Steve Jobs since his untimely death. There are Steve Jobs paintings and

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Thank you for everything.

Apple Unveils Voice-Controlled iPhone 4S; World Collectively Says ‘That’s It?’

Apple today unveiled their much-hyped new iPhone, the iPhone 4S. Those people hoping for an iPhone 5 with a major overhaul were disappointed, as Apple

The Seven Most Significant Moments in Steve Jobs’ Footwear History

You know the look: Black turtleneck tucked into a belt-less pair of crinkled Levis 501s and sneakers. Vintage Steve Jobs. In 1997, shortly after

Steve Jobs’s Best Patents That Never Were

For over 30 years, Steve Jobs and Apple helped bring the world some of the most unique and innovative computing products. From the early

Read Fast Company’s Brilliant ‘Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Appreciation’

We have a few Steve Jobs posts on the way this afternoon, but, in the meantime, we'd like to direct your attention to

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs just resigned as the CEO of Apple, though he's taking over as the Chairman of the Board. COO Tim Cook will take over

Watch This Guy See How Many Stupid Stunts He Can Get Away with In the Apple Store

If you've ever been in an Apple Store in New York City, you know that it's basically a public, anything-goes computer lab for

Watch Apple’s Steve Jobs Give a 21-Minute City Council Speech About Apple’s New Hi-Tech Headquarters

Classic Steve Jobs at yesterday's City Council meeting in Cupertino, home of the Apple empire. That circular, "Mother

Man Paints iPad 2 Line at Apple Store Using iPad 1

Man Paints iPad 2 line at Apple Store

Spotted near BroBible HQ in SoHo, New York today: A man on a line at

Apple’s iPad 2—Everything You Need to Know

ipad 2 covers

For everyone who got an iPad for Christmas, I have bad news for you and your

RIM Announces BlackBerry PlayBook, the ‘First Professional Tablet’

There's something ironic about "PlayBook," the name of RIM's first ever BlackBerry tablet, which was just announced this

Steve Jobs Unveils New iPods, Apple TV, iOS, and Social Music Network

In his typical black shirt and jeans, Steve Jobs unveiled a few new Apple products this afternoon, including