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New App, Bitmoji, Allows You To Create Emojis That Look Exactly Like You

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I bet you've wondered how technology has given us the ability to talk to each other face-to-face separated by continents, but still only lets us send emojis in yellow faces and monkeys covering their mouths.


New App That Allows You To Text Using Just Drake Lyrics Is All Men Need To Find Love


A new app called Drizzy allows you to text using solely Drake lyrics, and now I’m texting every girl in my phone.


‘Paint Your Pizza’ app delivers anything you can dream and draw


Paint Your Pizza is an awesome tool for anyone willing to overpay for a novelty pizza.


Twitter’s Vine App is Already Filled With Porn


When a new technology emerges, we waste precious little time figuring out how it will affect our pornography viewing.

Video games

The new NRA iPhone app will no doubt upset some people


Regardless of one's view on the National Rifle Association, it's hard for anyone to deny that the timing and execution of their new NRA: Practice Range app is rather poor.

Video games

Easy to see why the ‘Boyfriend Maker’ app was pulled by Apple


Maybe it's because every single dude in Boyfriend Maker is either a total weirdo, a total creeper, or simply flat out racist.

Malibu Rum GIFs

Malibu Rum wants you to start making your own GIFs


The world has gone GIF crazy, and Guyism is glad to help lead the way.

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Stifler Says, ‘The Stifler App-Suite is Sweeeeeeet!’


In anticipation of the upcoming sequel American Reunion, our main man Stifler has released an app to get you back into the proper mindset before going out to see it.

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