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Jonah Hill Delivered Emotional Apology For His Controversial Remarks on ‘The Tonight Show’

When celebrities fuck up publicly and say or tweet something stupid or offensive, the Image Repair Parade usually comes to town and they wind up

I’m Sorry, Lambda Theta Phi

Hey, sometimes you get one wrong, ya know? Yesterday I posted a video called "Here’s a Couple of Arizona Frat Guys Acting Like Complete Douche

I’m Sorry I Called This Kid Fat

Recently, we published a hard-hitting article about a man holding a sign at a Seattle Seahawks game. It was the kind of shoeleather reporting you've

High School Lacrosse Player Forced to Apologize to an Entire Airplane After Cutting the Line

In 5 years, when Max Breedlove is looking for his first job out of college, this is the story that's going to show up first