This Avengers Themed Apartment Is Guaranteed To Never Get You Laid, But Holy Shit Is It Awesome


We've seen some apartments decorated up in themes before, but if you're a comic book fan or just love the Avengers this home might be your nirvana.


What $1,000 In Rent Gets You In 12 U.S. Cities


Conversations in New York City can get pretty tedious.


Ghosts, Demon Toilets, and Hard Drugs: Property Manager Posts Insane Craigslist Apartment Ad


What starts off as a run-of-the-mill open apartment ad on Craigslist turns into one of the most peculiar sales pitches you'll ever read.


6 Crucial Things You Learn After Moving Into an Apartment


Moving into an apartment is an important milestone in one’s life.

bro pads

How to Babe-Proof Your Dorm Room or Apartment


Last week I bestowed upon you guys the valuable knowledge of what a girl's dorm room or apartment really says about her.

Turn offs for women

7 things in your apartment that will scare a woman away

By | 18 Comments

The second a woman walks into your apartment after a date (or drunken bar make-out), you can usually assume you'll at least be getting to second base.

funny emails

Landlord’s Bitter Email About How Much College Kids Trashed His Apartment


Yesterday afternoon, the Bros over at Brocrastinator tipped us off to this hasty email a landlord sent to one of their friends.

Real estate

6 Online Tools for NYC Apartment Hunting


Looking for an apartment in New York City.

Real estate

Jim Norton’s Bachelor Pad Gets Him Laid… Does Yours?


There's a classic New York Post story in the New York Post today about bachelor pads.


One Way to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor…


If you've ever lived next to a chick who's a gigantic hoe in a cheap apartment with paper-thin walls, you know just how obnoxious it can be when someone's taking her to poundtown.

the next step realty

The Next Step Realty Wants to Help You Find Your First Post-Graduation Apartment


  Whether you're taking a new job or just moving out of your parents' house, finding a new place to live after graduation is a major hassle for any Bro.


10 Things Every Bro’s Apartment Needs


[inline:kegerator]All right, Bros, I know summer seems like a long way off, but it will be here before we know it.

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