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What starts off as a run-of-the-mill open apartment ad on Craigslist turns into one of the most peculiar sales pitches you'll ever read. A property

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Yesterday afternoon, the Bros over at Brocrastinator tipped us off to this hasty email a landlord sent to one of their friends. Accordting to one

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Looking for an apartment in New York City? Good luck. With graduation and its inevitable parties in the rear-view mirror, this time of year is

Jim Norton’s Bachelor Pad Gets Him Laid… Does Yours?

There's a classic New York Post story in the New York Post today about bachelor pads. Here's the gist: If you have a nice apartment,

One Way to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor…

If you've ever lived next to a chick who's a gigantic hoe in a cheap apartment with paper-thin walls, you know just how obnoxious it