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Anthony Davis Would Also Do Well in the Slam Dunk Contest

Anthony Davis was clearly moved by LeBron James’ off-the-wall slam dunk. He decided to show off his own jamming prowess […]

Video of Naked Anthony Davis Being Spanked in a Locker Room While At Kentucky Surfaces

This video appears to show a very naked Anthony Davis being spanked by someone wearing blue shorts. It was brought to Deadspin’s attention by a

Ludicris Dressed Up as Anthony Davis and Looked Awesome

I think this is the first time in my life I’ve had anything positive to say about Ludicris. The musicman dressed up as New Orleans Hornets

Blake Griffin May Be Off Team USA; the ‘Brow Reports to Training Camp

Big news out of Team USA's basketball camp in Las Vegas today: Blake Griffin injured his left leg in a scrimmage Wednesday and returned to

Bro of the Week is Full of Unibrows and The Best Comedian Alive

Each week, I, Reggie Noble, put forth nominees for the Bro of the Week, an honor bestowed upon the Bro who best goes above and

Here’s Our Official NBA Draft Drinking Game

The NBA Draft is tonight. If this is a high point in your sporting year, you and I have different world views. Still, it’s the

Anthony Davis Has Trademarked His Unibrow

Anthony Davis is the odds-on favorite to be the top pick in the NBA draft on Thursday. He’ll likely go to the New Orleans Hornets

Here’s a Giant Portrait of Anthony Davis Made Out of Cereal

There are starving people all over the world, but who gives a flying f*ck when excess food can be used to make a portrait of

Who’s the Bro of the Week? You Tell Us

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Anthony Davis’s Unibrow

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time asking Anthony Davis about that thing on his face. Would you expect anything else? The college basketball player

DJ Flula’s Tribute Song to Anthony Davis, ‘Shot Blocker, Unibrow Rocker’

Anthony Davis led the Kentucky Wildcats to a NCAA National Championship on Monday night. Despite Davis going 1-10 from the field he locked