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Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper Announced Yesterday’s Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Who let them in?

You Have to Hear This Univision Announcer’s Reaction to Spain Winning a Penalty Kick

Vaguely human.

Bill Simmons Was Not Happy about His Lack of Airtime, Bitched About It

Let him talk, dammit.

Hockey Announcer Serves Up Unique Diarrhea Reference


High School Football Announcer Loses His Mind Over Great Catch

This announcer dude is pretty exciting about a catch in a high school football game. I’ve never once been this excited about anything in my

Boston Radio Announcers Totally Lose it Over Tom Brady’s Game-Winning Touchdown Pass

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an improbable win over the New Orleans Saints yesterday, throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins

Something Tells Me This Tennis Announcer Has ‘Breaking Bad’ on His Mind

If you haven’t seen the end of Breaking Bad by now, allow me to spoil it for you: Walt Jr. can’t find a date to

Here’s a Mashup of Hawk Harrelson’s Temper Tantrums This Year

Hawk Harrelson’s erratic and comical behavior is the stuff of legend. As he enters the final stages of his announcing career, one would expect him

In Honor of Jim Ross’ Retirement, Here’s 7 Minutes of Him Yelling ‘Oh My God’

Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross is hanging up his hilarious broadcasting hat after one hell of a run. All told, he lent his excited voice

Croatian Soccer Announcers Seem Like a Spirited Bunch

With this goal, Rijeka qualified for the Europa League. To some clubs, that’s a big deal. Based on these announcers’ reactions, it set off an

Hawk Harrelson Responds to Walk-Off Home Run With 33 Seconds of Angry Silence, Heavy Sigh

This is Hawk Harrelson’s last year as an announcer. We’re not particularly sad about that fact.

Taiwanese Announcer Provides Perfect One-Liner After a Manny Ramirez Home Run

Manny Ramirez playing baseball in Taiwan has provided us with an absolute treasure trove of fun. The fun continued thanks to a brave play-by-play man

Feel Free to Watch Charles Barkley Call Skip Bayless an Idiot Over and Over

Last night’s Game 7 was Charles Barkley’s last TNT broadcast of the year, and he sure went out swinging. In the pregame, he went out

New York Mets Announcer Keith Hernandez Calls Broken Bat a ‘Dead Soldier’ on Memorial Day

He’s Keith Hernandez, and he’d probably like a do-over on that comment.

Vin Scully Has Some Questions About Hashtags

Los Angeles Dodgers announcer and national treasure Vin Scully further endeared himself to the world yesterday when he wondered aloud about hashtags.

Chris Webber Offers a Hilarious Commentary About a Bro Who Won’t Give His Girlfriend Ice Cream

At half-time of the Magic-Pacers game, television cameras found a dude in the crowd who wouldn't share his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone with

Fox’s Brian Billick Pegs Seattle Seahawks As ‘Team to Beat’ After They’re Eliminated From Playoffs

He had a 50 percent chance to nail his immediate postgame thought. He whiffed … mightily.

Daryl Johnston Thought the Dallas Cowboys-New Orleans Saints Game Was an Ugly Sweater Party

Daryl Johnson has to go to a holiday party at his in-laws’ place right after the game, you guys. There will be no time to

Houston Rockets Radio Announcer Reports the ‘Lakers Have Just Pooped Their Big Boy Pants’

Houston Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman had a lot of fun last night. I mean, Christ, he got paid to scream this ridiculous sequence of

Luckiest Announcer Ever Predicts Defensive Touchdown, Gets Defensive Touchdown

R.J. Lewis is an analyst for PlayOn! Sports. It’s a job that requires him to sit through high school football games. So it’s understandable that

Hawk Harrelson Informs Us the Sacks Are Packed With Seamen

It’s been an interesting week for Chicago White Sox fan and announcer Hawk Harrelson. First, he lost his mind when umpire Mark Wegner threw Sox

Yet Again, Hawk Harrelson Rants and Raves Like a Lunatic

Don’t believe me? Watch the clip. Harrelson has a point. There were no warnings issued by home plate umpire Mark Wegner before this pitch. What

White Sox Announcer Hawk Harrelson Has Officially Lost His Mind

Hawk Harrelson, the Chicago White Sox play-by-play man for television broadcasts, is the biggest homer on the planet. That’s fine. It’s good business

Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello Fight Like Old Married Couple on Nets Broadcast

All was not harmonious on the Nets’ television broadcast Saturday. Play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle and color man Mike Fratello got into it on-air,

Jalen Rose Confronted Skip Bayless About Hoops Career On Air

Yesterday, we brought you news that award-winning sports shouter Skip Bayless may have exaggerated claims relating to his high school basketball career. A nation rejoiced

Skip Bayless is Nominated for a TV Sports Emmy

How’s your day going? Good? What if I told you that Skip Bayless is nominated for a TV Sports Emmy?

Which March Madness Broadcasting Teams Are Great, Which Ones Should be Muted

Those broadcasting NCAA Tournament games have an opportunity to go down in history with every game that goes down to the wire. Those transcendent moments

Kenny Smith Takes Us Inside the Studio During March Madness

For the second straight year, Kenny Smith will be in-studio, breaking down all the frantic action that comes with March Madness. The affable TNT analyst

Hockey Analysts Jeremy Roenick, Mike Milbury Almost Fought On-Air Last Night

Things got quite heated on NBC Sports Network last night. Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick almost came to blows while discussing Eric Nystrom’s

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Shatters His 40-Yard Dash Record

Earlier today, NFL Network host Rich Eisen continued his annual tradition of running the 40-yard dash at the league’s combine. This endeavor serves

Listen to a High School Football Announcer Go PYROTECHNICS! Over a Game-Winning Field Goal

First of all, that headline won't make sense until you watch this video. But that's the point. This play-by-play really might be the

This Is The Best High School Football Announcer Of All Time

Ladies and gentlemen, hallelujah! The Gus Johnson of high school football has been FOUND! Though we don't know his name, he lives in Georgia and

Listen to a British Mountain Biking Announcer Come to Hysterics In the Broadcast Booth

This media meltdown, which comes via Deadspin, belongs in a sports announcing hall of fame, somewhere. Announcers Rob Warner and Martin Whiteley have

Listen To an 11-Year-Old Kid Call Jose Reyes’ Homerun for the Mets

Last night Jacob Resnick -- the 11-year-old kid who won SNY's Kidcaster Contest -- was invited into SNY broadcast booth during the bottom of third

Lake County Fielders Play-by-Play Announcer Qumar Zaman Quit His Job On-Air After Not Being Paid

The Lake County Fielders are a minor league team from Lake County, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Their claim to fame? Part-ownership by