monday night football

Jon Gruden, 51, Just Found Out About Synonyms


As the color commentator for Monday Night Football, Jon Gruden has one of the marquee jobs in sports broadcasting.

High School Football

High School Football Announcer Loses His Mind Over Great Catch


This announcer dude is pretty exciting about a catch in a high school football game.

Tom Brady

Boston Radio Announcers Totally Lose it Over Tom Brady’s Game-Winning Touchdown Pass


Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an improbable win over the New Orleans Saints yesterday, throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins with five seconds remaining.


Something Tells Me This Tennis Announcer Has ‘Breaking Bad’ on His Mind


If you haven’t seen the end of Breaking Bad by now, allow me to spoil it for you: Walt Jr.


Here’s a Mashup of Hawk Harrelson’s Temper Tantrums This Year


Hawk Harrelson’s erratic and comical behavior is the stuff of legend.


In Honor of Jim Ross’ Retirement, Here’s 7 Minutes of Him Yelling ‘Oh My God’


Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross is hanging up his hilarious broadcasting hat after one hell of a run.

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