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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Free Kick Goal Was Like a ‘Wet Dream’ for Ray Hudson

Two of the most dynamic personalities in sports, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ray Hudson were in top form during Real Madrid’s 4-1 win over

Watch This Announcer Fall to the Floor After His Stool Breaks

Live television is the greatest because anything can happen and there's no erasing it or doing another take. During the pre-game of the

Lionel Messi Causes Ray Hudson to Lose His Mind

Few athletes captivate audiences like Lionel Messi and few audiences allow themselves to be captivated like Ray Hudson. So when the Barcelona star completed his

Listen to a High School Football Announcer Go PYROTECHNICS! Over a Game-Winning Field Goal

First of all, that headline won't make sense until you watch this video. But that's the point. This play-by-play really might be the

Listen To an 11-Year-Old Kid Call Jose Reyes’ Homerun for the Mets

Last night Jacob Resnick -- the 11-year-old kid who won SNY's Kidcaster Contest -- was invited into SNY broadcast booth during the bottom of third

Marine Jokes On-Air About Putting a Round of Ammunition Into Roy Hallady

While sitting in the St. Louis Cardinals' broadcast booth -- discussing Marine Week -- Col. Shane Tomko took the opportunity to joke about killing Roy