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Anna Kendrick, In the White Dress, With the Ice Bucket Challenge

God, we love her so much.

You’ll Never Believe Which ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Anna Kendrick Is Dating

David got pretty excited a couple weeks ago when he found out Anna Kendrick was single and couldn't find someone to mingle with her.

Anna Kendrick Is Single and No One Will Mingle With Her

It's sad, really.

Love of our Life Anna Kendrick Was on ‘SNL’ Last Night Singing About Dongs

Marry us, already.

You Will Love Anna Kendrick Even More After Watching Her Promos for ‘SNL’

Anna Kendrick, Internet dreamgirl, is hosting this week's SNL.

Anna Kendrick Is Covered In Body Paint In Newcastle’s Newest Non-Super Bowl Super Bowl Ad

SodaStream and Newcastle are winning the battle of companies who are winning the Super Bowl ad game without actually airing ads during the Super Bowl.

I Love Anna Kendrick Even More After Seeing the Super Bowl Commercial She Almost Made for Newcastle

It is truly a golden era for lovable Hollywood starlets. For example, Jennifer Lawerence, Alison Brie, and Anna Kendrick. Lately Kendrick has been making us swoon with

Watch Anna Kendrick Tell Conan About the Time Katy Perry Finger-Banged Her Cleavage

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with Anna Kendrick over the past year, thanks in part to her roles in Pitch Perfect and Drinking Buddies

Maria Sharapova, Anna Kendrick and More Light Up This Week’s Hottie Index

We wanted to include the Russian relay runners who made out on the podium after winning gold  at the World Championships—but they've since backed down

The Awesome Anna Kendrick Explains How to Date Her, Strips Down for ‘GQ’

Anna Kendrick stars this month in Drinking Buddies, a movie about beer, near-alcoholic couples, and the fun that comes in between. She's insanely cute in

Check Out This Silky Smooth Remix of Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ Song

Cups, the song from Pitch Perfect with the accompanying game that's helped the song go viral, has broke the remix treatment plane. This one, by Jellosea, works