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Anna Kendrick Performs ‘Booty’ With JLo And I’m Sold On New ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Show

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Jimmy Fallon is a genius at creating and packaging viral content, so it makes total sense that his new show is Lip Sync Battle is an entire show chock full of easily digestible and Internet-friendly 3-minute videos.

oscars 2015

Anna Kendrick Is Looking Like The Hottest Prom Date Ever At The Oscars Tonight


The best thing about the 2015 Oscars tonight is that Anna Kendrick is there.

naked selfies

Anna Kendrick Shared More Stellar Advice On How To Take Better Naked Selfies


Remember last year when Anna Kendrick, our pretend Internet girlfriend, talked about visiting Reddit's "Gone Wild" section and shared some hilarious tips for taking naked selfies.

the late show

Anna Kendrick Talked About Furry Dildos On ‘Letterman’ Because She’s Awesome


Anna Kendrick was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, we assume to talk about her new movie Into The Woods, but of course with this being Anna Kendrick things went off the rails in hilarious fashion as it usually does when she appears on a talk show.

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick Takes The Early Lead For Funniest Holiday Commercial


The fact that a two-an-a-half minute commercial starring Anna Kendrick is so far the funniest holiday ad I've seen so far this year is really no surprise.

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick Gets Sexy, Tells Stories In Funny Behind The Scenes Video


Anna Kendrick, at least to me (and many others), seems like she'd be the coolest damn girlfriend on the planet.


Attention Stalkers: Anna Kendrick Will Throw Your Gifts In The Trash, Even If They’re Diamonds


Anna Kendrick is such a boss that even if you're a fan (AKA stalker) and you send a gift to her home she's so uninterested in that sort of thing she'll just toss it in the trash - even if the gift involves diamonds.

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