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This Dude Does the Best Animal Impressions We’ve Ever Seen

This is an impressive skill.

Rat Boards New York City Subway, Causes Complete Pandemonium

Turnstile jumper.

Wanna Learn Some Cool Ass Shit About Octopuses? Of Course You Do

Did you know they have brains IN THEIR ARMS?

This Cat Is Purrrrrrty Good at Ping-Pong

Cats are the divas of animals, but this is more fun that watching a cat play with a laser pointer. Look at how much fun

Russell Westbrook Played a Sea Lion in Basketball

We all win.

Vin Scully Met a Koala

Cool story.

WOAH: North Carolina Hunter Bags 500-Pound Wild Hog

Look at that hog! That's a real hog!

Family Taken Hostage by 22-Pound Cat, Forced to Call 911 for Help

Here is the story of a family and its 22-pound cat, who nearly killed them all.

A Cigarette-Smoking Bird Burned Down a London Apartment in What Doesn’t Appear to be the Plot of a 1940s Cartoon

Firefighters believe a bird carrying a lit cigarette to its nest ignited a fire in an apartment building last night in London.

Watch a Drone Capture Incredible Footage of Thousands of Dolphins and Whales Migrating Off California Coast

Off the coast of San Clemente, California recently, captain Dave Anderson captured a mega-pod of dolphins migrating.

Bro In Dubai Just Driving Down the Road When Suddenly A FREAKIN’ LION Appears In the Backseat of an SUV

Yes, a FREAKIN’ LION just chillin’ in the back of this Nissan Armada. All I can think of is how Dante from Grandma’s [...]

Breaking: Squirrel Does Heisman Trophy Pose

It’s a squirrel doing the Heisman Trophy pose. I’m not entirely sure what else there is to say about this [...]

Well, These Goats Are Awesome

Goats lead simple lives. They eat, they poop and they sleep. Then they repeat that cycle. Or so we thought. [...]

Arizona Neighborhood Terrorized by Packs of Abandoned Chihuahuas

Phoenix has been overrun by packs of feral chihuahuas. In the past year alone, the city’s animal care and control [...]

Dog of the Year Invades Soccer Game, Takes a Dump

It was a banner weekend for animals invading the soccer pitch. First we had a rogue rooster going full Benny [...]

Rogue Rooster Creates a Real Scene at Israeli Soccer Match

Rooster on the pitch! Rooster on the pitch! If for some unknown reason you weren’t able to catch the Bnei [...]

Perfectly Healthy Giraffe Killed at Zoo and Fed to Lion in Front of Crowd of Children

Here’s a headline I don’t think I can ever beat: “Zookeepers kill healthy baby giraffe with a bolt gun because [...]

Dog Plays Deer in Soccer, Everyone Wins

If that headline doesn't pique your curiosity, nothing will. Both of these animals should be commended for not taking a dive and being colorblind. The

Snowboarding With a Moose Looks Fun

Because who wouldn't want to chase a moose down a mountain?

This Baby Husky Puppy Learning How to Howl Is Just About the Best Thing Ever

This video has been blowing up the Internet this weekend. For good reason, too: This baby husky puppy is only 20 days old, but it's

Here’s Waffles the Cat Taking An Unbelievable Fall

Waffles. You were so damn close. 

HOW Are These Goats Climbing Across This Dam?

What you're looking at is the nearly-vertical wall of the Cingino Dam in northern Italy. Those black specks dotting the stone? Goats. THEY'RE GOATS. Specifically the alpine ibex, a species

Leopard Kills Baboon, Is Pretty Cool to Orphaned Baby

Animals, man. You never know what they’re going to do.

Guy Scores Goal, Crowd Throws 25,291 Stuffed Animals Onto Ice

As a whole, Canada is a perfectly reasonable country. When it comes to hockey, however, the people up there are a whole bag of looney.

HOLY FUCKING SEA MONSTER! Fisherman Caught 800-Pound Stingray Right Off Miami Beach

While fishing 500 feet below the surface off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida fisherman Mark Quartiano reeled in an 800-pound fish which is believed to

Bronze Ducks in Boston Public Gardens Dressed Up Like Red Sox

This straddles the line between cuteness and animal abuse, which is a fun line to flirt with. Each and every single one of these little

This Bear’s Tetherball Skills Are Outstanding

It’s a BEAR PLAYING TETHERBALL. Stop pretending you have anything better to do today.

Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit for Grape Nuts, Eats it on Air

Scot Haney is a weatherman for CBS’ Hartford affiliate. But he’ll be forever known as the guy who ate cat puke on the air.

This Polar Bear’s Basketball Skills Are Impressive

It’s polar bear practicing basketball. Stop pretending you have anything better to do.

Watching Dogs Surf is a Good Way to End Your Work Day

I mean, it’s a dog surfing competition. It shouldn’t require the hard sell with words and whatnot. 

Watch a Cute Bunny Be Released Into the Wild, Then NOOOOOOO


Man with Enormous Testes Stands Down Black Rhino, Wins

Man, Cheetah, Wild is a new (must-watch?) show airing on the Discovery Channel, which follows an insane man named Kim Wolhuter, who claims the ability to befriend

Start Your Day With 14 Baby Pandas In A Crib

How many pandas are too many to have in a single crib? Three? Four? Eight? 

Man Walks Down Street With Live Cat on Head, Confuses BroBible Team

This gentleman wandered near BroBible HQ full of life and enjoying the hell out of a picturesque autumn day in New York City. For reasons

This Otter Juggling a Rock is More Impressive Than Anything You Can Do

This otter has plenty going for him. He never has to worry about where his next meal is coming from, he’s undeniably adorable and, perhaps

Here is a GoPro Strapped to an Eagle

A brilliant, mad genius strapped a GoPro to the back of an eagle, then sent the bird off on a majestic flight through Chamonix,

Wild Herpes-Infected Monkeys Are on the Loose in Florida; We Repeat: HERPES MONKEYS

I published this by accident about 20 minutes ago when there was no text in the body. Just a close-up picture of a monkey with

Insane One Direction Fan Allegedly Killed Her Dog Because the Band Wouldn’t Follow Her on Twitter

In her defense, the boys ARE pretty dreamy.

Frog Attends Rocket Launch, Is Subject of Hauntingly Tragic Photo

This frog’s lifelong dream of becoming famous came true. Then his life probably ended. So worth it, especially if you have a miniscule brain.

8 Creatures You Won’t Believe Exist

GAH, kill the nine-pound hermit crab. KILL IT WITH FIRE.