Florida Sheriff’s Panties Ruffled After Discovering His Rug Says ‘In Dog We Trust’


It's too early to know for certain that this was all a grand scheme from the liberal, hippie, apetits agenda in order to strike God out of all places of Capitalistic worship, but what we do know is that one sheriff in Florida was pissed to find out his $500 rug paid homage to our canine lord and savior.


12 Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations That’ll Make You Want To Adopt A Litter Of Puppies RIGHT NOW


If you call yourself a cat person rather than a dog person I need you to do me a quick favor and check to make your brain is still functional before reading the rest of this sentence.


Watch This Kook Eat Shit While Surfing Behind An Actual Horse


If you're looking to become Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of PETA then a pretty good place to start is by using an actual living horse to pull you around a flooded field on a surfboard.

ron jeremy

This Bull Is The Ron Jeremy Of The Animal Kingdom


When it comes to laying pipe and spreading seed, Ron Jeremy sits atop a throne of gold and ivory that no man can even begin to aspire to, and this bull is basically the Ron Jeremy of the animal kingdom.

break the internet

Cats And Boobs, Two Of The Internet’s Favorite Things, Get Combined Into One Video


I always knew that cats were closet perverts and this Internet-ready video of cats massaging and nuzzling women's boobs proves it.


Dare You Not To Watch This Video Of A Pet Penguin Shopping For Fish Like It’s A Person


There is no particular reason for this post about a penguin who waddles to a Japanese grocery store and brings back fish in his little backpack.


Great Dane Attempts To Sleep In Tiny Bed, Is Too Damn Big


This is a post about a large dog trying to fit into a small bed.

turtle attacks cat

A Turtle Attacked A Cat In The Cutest Way Possible – BONUS: ‘Move Bitch Get Out The Way’ Remix


People like to collect animals and have them in their house like they're recreating some lame version of Noah's Ark.

dog protects friend

Heartbreaking Moment Dog Protects Fellow Canine From Traffic After It Was Run Over By Car


This dog tried all he could do to protect his friend from the traffic, but sadly it was too late.

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