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UFC Fighter Apologizes for Cupping Tiger Testicles

UFC fighter Luke Rockhold caused a tweet-storm when he snapped an Instagram pic grabbing a tiger by the balls.

Man Who’s Best Friends with Lions Makes the Coolest PSA Ever

Lions are so awesome.

Brian Kelly Rode a Horse Into Notre Dame’s Practice

No rule that says horses can't play football.


This is how all of my nightmares always begin.

This Kangaroo Is Flexing and Posing Like a Bodybuilder, Definitely Lifts, Bro

This is the Pumping Iron of all animal videos.

Life Imitates Art: Giraffe in Back of Truck Dies Hitting Overpass

Sad face.

Woman Casually Plucks, Eats Dead Bird on Montreal Subway

My Lord.

El Paso Chihuahuas Will Take Name Too Literally, Wear These Jerseys

Not subtle.

Serious or Not, You’ll Enjoy This Facebook Comment About Steven Spielberg Hunting Triceratops

What a monster.

BREAKING: President Barack Obama Shook Hands With a Man Wearing a Horse Head

All who oppose say NAY.

I Can’t Stop Watching These Goats Sing the ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song

I'll tell you what: These videos of goats singing songs get me every damn time.

Cricket Player Accidentally Destroys Seagull, No One Knows How to React

Flew too close to the sun.

Yasiel Puig Made Friends With a Snake AND an Elephant Today

Friendship is magic.

Here’s What Happens When a Cat Tries to Throw a First Pitch

Better than Baba Booey's though.

What Happens When a Bear Breaks Into This Guy’s House?

Security footage picked up a bear breaking into a guy's house.

Just a Couple of Bulldogs Chasing a Bear Out of Their Yard


You Won’t Believe What Type of Mammal Karl Malone Killed With a Bow and Arrow

Bear news.

Frat Bros are Apparently Tagging Dead Whales Now

Seems fishy.

These Elephants Got White Girl WASTED and Probably Texted Their Exes

Seriously, these elephants are drunk as shit.

Boston Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask Was Almost Blindsided by an Octopus in Detroit

Close call.

This Skateboarding Cat Is the Hero the Internet Needs

Animal tricks.

There Is a 16-Foot-Long Great White Shark Off the Coast of Australia, Because Australia Is Horrifying

A shark so enormous it literally triggered satellite monitoring devices was just found off the coast of Australia.

Rob Ford Held an Owl, Made an Awesome Face

Tender moment.

This Dude Does the Best Animal Impressions We’ve Ever Seen

This is an impressive skill.

Rat Boards New York City Subway, Causes Complete Pandemonium

Turnstile jumper.

Wanna Learn Some Cool Ass Shit About Octopuses? Of Course You Do

Did you know they have brains IN THEIR ARMS?

This Cat Is Purrrrrrty Good at Ping-Pong

Cats are the divas of animals, but this is more fun that watching a cat play with a laser pointer. Look at how much fun

Russell Westbrook Played a Sea Lion in Basketball

We all win.

Vin Scully Met a Koala

Cool story.

WOAH: North Carolina Hunter Bags 500-Pound Wild Hog

Look at that hog! That's a real hog!

Family Taken Hostage by 22-Pound Cat, Forced to Call 911 for Help

Here is the story of a family and its 22-pound cat, who nearly killed them all.

A Cigarette-Smoking Bird Burned Down a London Apartment in What Doesn’t Appear to be the Plot of a 1940s Cartoon

Firefighters believe a bird carrying a lit cigarette to its nest ignited a fire in an apartment building last night in London.

Watch a Drone Capture Incredible Footage of Thousands of Dolphins and Whales Migrating Off California Coast

Off the coast of San Clemente, California recently, captain Dave Anderson captured a mega-pod of dolphins migrating.

Bro In Dubai Just Driving Down the Road When Suddenly A FREAKIN’ LION Appears In the Backseat of an SUV

Yes, a FREAKIN’ LION just chillin’ in the back of this Nissan Armada. All I can think of is how Dante from Grandma’s […]

Breaking: Squirrel Does Heisman Trophy Pose

It’s a squirrel doing the Heisman Trophy pose. I’m not entirely sure what else there is to say about this […]

Well, These Goats Are Awesome

Goats lead simple lives. They eat, they poop and they sleep. Then they repeat that cycle. Or so we thought. […]

Arizona Neighborhood Terrorized by Packs of Abandoned Chihuahuas

Phoenix has been overrun by packs of feral chihuahuas. In the past year alone, the city’s animal care and control […]

Dog of the Year Invades Soccer Game, Takes a Dump

It was a banner weekend for animals invading the soccer pitch. First we had a rogue rooster going full Benny […]

Rogue Rooster Creates a Real Scene at Israeli Soccer Match

Rooster on the pitch! Rooster on the pitch! If for some unknown reason you weren’t able to catch the Bnei […]

Perfectly Healthy Giraffe Killed at Zoo and Fed to Lion in Front of Crowd of Children

Here’s a headline I don’t think I can ever beat: “Zookeepers kill healthy baby giraffe with a bolt gun because […]