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Drunk European Turkey Attacks Child While Family Sits Back And Pisses Themselves With Laughter


The bird you see above is a Western Capercaillie, the largest member of the grouse family, and according to Wikipedia it is world renowned for its mating display.


Video Shows Florida State Frat Member Biting The Head Off A Hamster On Spring Break, PETA Is Buggin’ Out


Warning: Unless you want to see an Florida State University frat member bite the head off of a live hamster, you should turn away now.


Man Guts Open Gigantic Snake With Machete, What He Finds Inside Horrifies Him

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Above we see a hunter cutting gutting the stomach of an absolutely gigantic snake using his machete, and then we see something unexpected tumble out.


Wild Video Captures Crocodile Fighting Three Lions, Holding His Own


  Perhaps the greatest experience of my life was watching as a pride of lions stalked and killed an impala while on safari a few years back.


The 100 Most Popular Dog Breeds In America Are Proof Dog Owners Are Crazy Basic

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The American Kennel Club has released their data on the most popular dog breeds in America, and the rankings look pretty much the same as they did last year, and the year before that, and the same as every year that the ACK has collected data.


Adorable Baby Elephant Pooping In The Bubble Bath Is A Roller Coaster Of Emotion


There's only so many feels a man can feel in one video, and I'm pretty sure throughout the course of this video where a baby elephant adorably takes a bubblebath but then proceeds to drop fibrous logs in it, I felt everything I can feel.

bro cats

‘Bro Cats’ May Be An Oxymoron, But Here We Are With This Glorious Video Of Cats Being Bro As Hell


Here I thought dogs were the most bro of the animal kingdom, but these cats high-fiving, fist-bumping, playing sports and working out with their fellow human bros make me now realize that dogs have some serious competition from the feline world.

instant karma

Man Kicks Cat, Gets Hit With Falling Karma Bombs


Here we have a man who so desperately wants to play his guitar that he's willing to toss his cat out of his seat and then kick it out of the frame.

snoop cat

This Cat Might Be The Chilliest Living Thing On The Entire Planet


I'm the first to admit that cats, for the most part, suck.

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