dogs that look like hitler

Ha Ha This Dog Looks Like Hitler

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Hitler dog is the dog who looks like Hitler.


This Husky Puppy Can ‘Talk’ Like A Baby And It Sounds Like Something Straight Out Of Your Nightmares


If my dog sounded like this I’d take it right back to the pet store and demand a refund.


Watch This Dog Shovel Snow. Stop. Realize How Fucking Stupid Cats Are.

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The upper-half of North America is covered in leftover snow from polar vortex after vortex, and cats don't seem to be doing a ding-dangity-dong thing about it.

killer octopus

Moment Unsuspecting Crab Gets Merked By Octopus Flying Out Of Water

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This poor crab is minding his business, catching some rays in Yallingup, a town in Western Australian.

red pandas

These 4 GIFs Of Red Pandas Playing In The Snow Will Get You Through The Polar Vortex


When I laid my eyes down to rest last night after schlepping it up and down bars on Third Avenue here in NYC, I checked the weather on my phone and it was 8 degrees, with a 'feel like' temperature of -8.

instant karma

Dude Laughs At His Dog Falling Down, Then Instant Karma Strikes With Vengeance


New York City has been covered in a sheet of ice for the last week making for treacherous travel for all.


This Video Of ‘Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers’ Is Further Proof Felines Are Cold And Soulless


Cats are about as American as borscht and caviar, and they have the emotional range of Vladimir Putin.

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