Elephant Calf Rescued By Herd After Collapsing Is A Tidal Wave Of The Feels

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Ever since Blackfish came out it seems like whales have been hogging all the attention for being extremely intelligent and caring animals, but as you see in the video above when it comes to displaying 'love' nobody in the animal kingdom can hang with elephants.

when animals attack

Watch An Alligator Effortlessly Rip Off A Truck Bumper In One Nightmarish Chomp


Humans think we're all sophisticated and what not with our evolution and our fancy tools.


Think Of The Scariest Thing You Can Find In The Woods, Multiple It By 50, And You’re Still Not Close To This

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If you're hiking in the woods alone this is 100% THE LAST thing you'd ever want to come across.


Man Overcomes A Lifetime Of Crippling Fear…By Biting The Goddamn Head Off A Hamster In Front Of Children


Professor Yu, 44, is a teacher at a boarding school in South Korea, and he has spent his entire life living with a crippling fear of rats.


Russia Dressed Up Some Seals Like Soldiers And It Was Freaking Adorable


  Russia exists primarily to provide the rest of the world with incredible internet content.

snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg’s Dog Has His Own Instagram, Is Surrounded By Enormous Breasts, May Or May Not Be A Slobbery Stoner


Snoop Dogg is nearing 5 million followers on Instagram, his son Cordell has 470,000 followers, but there's one member of the Dogg Pound that isn't getting the social media love he deserves: Juelz Broadus, Snoop's French Bulldog who has just a few thousand followers.


Navy Commander Removed From Post For Keeping Pygmy Party Goat Named ‘Master Chief Charlie’ On Board USS Lake Erie


Master Chief Charlie is a pygmy goat who reportedly loves granola bars, and is 'a hit with the kids'.


Drunk Octopus Passes Out In A Shell, Gets Rudely Woken Up, Wants To Throw Down


If you've been on the Internet for longer than 24-hours then you almost certainly know the 'Drunk Octopus Wants To Fight' meme, a picture taken of a coat hanger in a bathroom that looked like a half-cocked octopus read to throw down.


This Fierce Puppy Is Fighting His First Hiccups, And He’s Trying To Bark And Growl Them Away


Meet Buck, he's an 8-week-old Australian Cattle Dog puppy who is currently undergoing an existential crisis.

caught on camera

Watch All The Sneaky Stuff Dogs Do At Home When No One’s Watching Them


Sorry, cats, as much as you try, you'll never be as bro as dogs.

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