Two Possibly Drunk Bears Got Into A Brawl In Jersey, Wrecked Some Dude’s Lawn


These two black bears are fighting like a pair of drunk Irish brothers, and for some poor home owner in Rockaway, New Jersey they've completely destroyed his yard.


If You Want To Scare The Piss Out Of People This Halloween You NEED This Creepy Russian Monkey


There are countless ways to scare people on All Hallow's Eve, but if you really want to do the job right you're going to need this creepy Russian monkey.


Pro-Tip: Never Piss Off A Giraffe Or They’ll Kick You In Your Big Ass Forehead


I don't know that any of you would ever be dumb enough to find yourself in a situation where a pissed off giraffe would donkey punch you in your forehead, but after watching this video I want to make sure all of you avoid this situation.

White House jumper kicks dog

Man Jumps Over White House Fence, Kicks Attack Dog, Is The Devil


If there's ONE THING we here in America don't stand for, it's animal abuse.


Only In Russia: Man Goes To Dump, Bear Attacks Man, Man Attacks Bear Using Old Computer


Stop me if you've heard this one before: Russian man goes to dump to find old scrap metal, bear sees man and charges him, man throws old computer at bear and wins the battle.


This Is A Giant Panda Masturbating In The Bamboo Forest—Because You Haven’t Seen Everything Yet


Until you've seen a giant panda masturbating in the bamboo forest you cannot utter the phrase "I've seen everything" without telling a lie.


Just A Woman And A Crow Enjoying A Washington Redskins Game Together


Reasonable minds can disagree about the name of the professional football team playing in Washington, DC.


Screaming Goats Performing The ‘Star Wars’ Theme Song Is EVERYTHING


Screaming goats makes everything better, and these screaming goats singing the tune to the 'Star Wars' theme song is internet gold.


Vicious Hiker Attack: Pint-Sized Arctic Fox Tries To Gnaw Off Bro’s Sandal, Is Adorable


Here we see a hapless hiker bro getting his sandal gummed up by an adorable baby fox.

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