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This Little Monkey Boning A Duck Is A Grade-A Freak

I guess bestiality exists even when you're an animal.

Nothing Will Ever Top This Slow-Motion Video of a Dog Jumping on to a Couch and Failing

I mean, not nothing. Something will top it. Probably something tomorrow. But it's still good.

Surprised Baby Red Panda Is All Like ‘Ermahgerd!!!!!’

Wait for it... Wait for it.... 

Goat Fails at Being a Goat

I heard the same noise coming from the bathrooms at BroBible HQ after Taco Tuesday. 

Bro Elephant Crashing a Pool Party Is Your Kick-Ass Animal Video of the Day

You can't handle this elephant's swag. Just strolling up from the savanna to drink straight from the pool, chillin' and thinking about how much better

Bear Channels Her Inner Middle School Girl, Walks Into Mall

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, a Black Bear Cub wandered into a Pittsburgh area mall, where she ended up hanging out in Sears for

This Penguin is a Total Boss, Also a Total Thief

Penguins: They're just like us! They steal sh*t from each other when one's not looking. Seriously, this video — from a BBC series

VIDEOS: ‘Apes’ Really Are Rising… In Intelligence At Least

The new "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" movie, opening August 5, is an origins-type flick, charting the scientific breakthroughs — and snafus —

VIDEO: Panda Cheese Commercials Prove: Never Say No to a Panda

I don't know what Panda Cheese is. I don't know what it tastes like. I don't know what country it's sold in. But this series