Wonder Boys

50 best college movies ever


The best college movies don’t just happen to take place on a college campus, they capture the feel of college.

Van Wilder

25 Greatest College Party Movies Ever

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School is back and that can only mean one thing for all you Bro’s out there, Party.

Pat Bertoletti

Pat Bertoletti recreates ‘Animal House’ mustard chug


Animal House is the best frat movie ever made, so recreating scenes from it is always a good idea.

top movies for guys

11 movies every guy needs to see


Everyone loves movies – they’re entertaining, they’re a good way to waste an afternoon and it sure beats the hell out of reading (hey, where are you going….


7 movie characters who should have been arrested


People in movies do things that the rest of us can’t do – they fly, they ride dragons, they travel back in time, they bang Megan Fox – and sometimes that even extends to the world of the law.

Wonder Boys

12 of the best college movies and what we learned from them


Movies have a way of both reflecting culture and shaping it at the same time.


7 movies you didn’t realize are subtly racist


There are a lot of movies out there with obviously racist themes – Song of the South, Birth of a Nation, every movie ever made by Spike Lee, The Wizard of Oz (hey, witches are people too) – but that’s not what this list is about.

Wayne's World

9 movie losers you’d definitely hang out with

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In the movies, these awful groups of losers are a bunch of outcasts, geeks and dweebs.

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