henrik stenson

Henrik Stenson Snapped His Club In A Fit Of Rage


After three consecutive poor shots on No.

marc gasol

Marc Gasol Became Enraged, Ripped His Jersey Like Hulk Hogan


The Memphis Grizzlies have hit a rough patch lately and it's gotten to Marc Gasol.


Little Brat Loses Table Tennis Match, Shoves Ref Out Of Chair


An agitated table tennis player took out his frustrations on a peer ref after losing a match and I don't think it'd be an overreaction to ban him from the sport permanently.

stupid things

7 Things People Get Way Too Angry Over


How often would you say that you get overly frustrated.


Borussia Dortmund Manager Jurgen Kloppo Was Briefly Possessed by the Devil


Borussia Dortmund made it to the Champions League final last year.

road rage

Woman Rams Taxi Repeatedly in Textbook Definition of Road Rage


Women are as skilled at driving as men so there’s really no comment to make here.

Today Show

Irate Man Delivers World-Class Middle Finger During ‘Today Show’ Report


A live report on the brave souls camping out for tomorrow’s One Direction concert at the Today Show featured one very irate man.


Hatorade: Bubbles Bursting, Old Men Arguing, Getting Short-Changed and Saintly Sinners


Each week, there are countless things that makes us happy to be alive.

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