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Andy Samberg Delightfully Destroyed EDM DJs Last Night

Find out what those guys are really doing on stage.

Here’s the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s New Show on FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It's been well documented that Brandon's life has kinda sucked since Andy Samberg left SNL. Life's about to get better though, because Samberg is starring

Andy Samberg’s Hilarious Trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’

If there's one thing we can count on Andy Samberg bringing to an R-rated Happy Madison joint, it's (hopefully) laughs. Now that he's no-longer employed

Andy Samberg Pleads With Humans to Stop Eating Each Other

If there’s one man who can save this crazy world from the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, it’s Andy Samberg. Here he is with a public service

Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and Lady Gaga Have a Three-Way

Justin Timberlake hosted "SNL" last night and Lady Gaga was the musical guest, and although we didn't get an encore of "Dick in a Box"

‘The New Boyfriend Show’ and NBC’s Sunday Night Football Opener Gets Spoofed

We're a day or so late on getting these up, but there are a few clips from this weekend's "SNL" worth sharing. Our favorite is

Andy Samberg and Jack Johnson Brawl in Funny New Music Video

Jack Johnson came out with a new music video this week featuring Andy Samberg for his song "At or With Me." Although the video can