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Andy Roddick’s Jay-Z Impression Is So Bad, Every Rap Fan Will Want to Jump Off a Bridge

Hilariously-bad video from Brooklyn Decker, who uploaded this ridiculous impression of Jay-Z by her husband, Andy Roddick. Stick to tennis, Bro... 

FOX Sports 1’s Flagship Show Will Include Donovan McNabb, Gary Payton, and Andy Roddick

FOX Sports 1 is bringing out all the big guns for their "let's take on ESPN" network, which will begin its campaign to threaten the

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick Went as John and Lorena Bobbit for Halloween

Poor Andy. This year for Halloween, Brooklyn Decker and her husband, Andy Roddick, dressed as the most infamous couple from the 1990s: John and Lorena

Andy Roddick Advances, CBS Cameras Zoom on Brooklyn Decker 4,085 Times During Match

Catch Andy Roddick at the U.S. Open today? After saying last Thursday that this U.S. Open would be his last, Roddick has looked great on

Andy Roddick Retiring After U.S. Open

You’d do the same thing if you had Brooklyn Decker waiting for you at home.

Watch Rory McIlroy Win a Point Against Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick Channel Nadal Against Federer

Here's what you need to know about this video that's making the rounds of Caroline Wozniacki pulling Rory McIlroy out of the crowd last night

Andy Roddick Bashes His Critics

Andy Roddick defeated the immortal Michael Russell last night at the U.S. Open. Roddick did not defeat him in convincing fashion, 6-2, 6-4, 4-6, 7-5,