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Baby Andy Reid is Hilarious, In Better Shape Than the Real Andy Reid

Having a young child seems like a tremendous amount of work. On the bright side, you can dress it up however you see fit on

I Genuinely Can’t Stop Watching Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid Man

Andy Reid and the Chiefs topped the Texans yesterday to go 7-0 and in the locker room afterward, Reid danced like no one was watching.

Andy Reid Danced Like No One Was Watching

Guys, the Kansas City Chiefs are 7-0. Last season, they finished 2-14. That’s quite an improvement. New coach Andy Reid is fired up about the

Large, Mustachioed Man Gets Magnificent Gatorade Bath in Philadelphia

Andy Reid returned to Philadelphia last night with his Kansas City Chiefs, and he GOT STUFF DONE, you guys. The former Eagles coach easily dispatched

ESPN Mean Girl, Ed Werder, Went Ahead and Called Andy Reid Fat on Live TV

Not just fat, but SO fat that he'd potentially ground a plane. That's a deep burn coming from a guy with flesh-colored facial hair and

Here’s a Philadelphia Eagles Fan With a ‘Fire Andy’ Ass Tattoo

You, sir, are an idiot.

Andy Reid Fired, Rex Ryan Somehow Not Fired, and More Black Monday News (UPDATE)

Today is arguably one of the most exciting days of the NFL season, especially if you have a mean streak and pull for a shitty,

20 Things In Sports You’ll Never See Again, an Insane Buzzer-Beater, and More Midweek Sports Links

As you're getting ready to stuff your face, stuff your attention span with some sports news and entertainment from around the web. 

‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy,’ a Taylor Swift Parody About How Much the Eagles Suck

As a doomed and frustrating season continues to trudge on, a pink slip with Andy Reid's name on it is all but inevitable at this

VIDEO: Joe Buck Burns Andy Reid

Here's Joe Buck's mandatory pull quote from the fourth quarter of the Packers NFC Wild Card victory over the Philadelphia Eagles: “Andy Reid was trying