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BroBible Exclusive: Here’s a Hilarious, Never-Before-Seen Outtake From ‘Anchorman 2:The Legend Continues’

Today, we were lucky enough to get our grubby mitts on some exclusive, never-before-peeped bonus footage.

The ‘Anchorman 2′ Blooper Reel Is So Hilarious It May Have the Movie Beat

Free idea: a movie of just bloopers. $500 million opening weekend guaranteed.*

‘Anchorman 2′ Is Being Re-Released With 763 New Jokes and Is Now Rated ‘R’ (Trailer)

  On February 28, and for one week only, Anchorman 2 will be back in theaters with 763 new joke […]

Paul Rudd’s Dennis Green Impression is Pretty Solid

Hello, masses. Did you make it out to see Anchorman 2 yesterday? Would Paul Rudd recreating one of sports' greatest meltdowns make you more inclined

The Cast of ‘Anchorman 2′ Had the Most Awesomely Useless Interview on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Six minutes of complete and utter nonsense occurred The Daily Show last night when Will Ferrell decided to bring the entire Channel 4 News Team with

Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Anchorman

Baxter! Bark once if you were named after a character from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. 

Steve Carell Interrupted a Hot UK Weather Girl In the Middle of Her Report

Brick Tamland, ladies and gentlemen... Will Ferrell was definitely paid the most money, but we're beginning to think everyone in the Anchorman 2 cast was given

10 Reasons Why ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ Will Be a Letdown

Before the Internet trolls scroll down to the comments section to bash this article based on its title, I want to let it be known

Ron Burgundy Won’t Host ‘SportsCenter’ After All

Ron Burgundy will have to find another outlet that doesn’t bill itself as the worldwide leader to promote his new movie later today. His scheduled

Ron Burgundy Interviewed Peyton Manning on ESPN

The merciless Ron Burgundy parade continues. Next Stop: ESPN. Burgundy will host the 6 p.m. SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5, joined by sportscaster Champ Kind. This is

Ron Burgundy Announced a Curling Tournament, Because It’s Still Ron Burgundy Appreciation Month

Either Will Ferrell just really loves sending himself to weird places and playing Ron Burgundy, or Paramount gave him half of their advertising budget to just

Scotch Scotch Scotch! There’s Now An Anchorman Scotch You Can Drink

It's called Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve because you're damn right that's what it is called. 

Will Ferrell Did an Entire News Segment in North Dakota as Ron Burgundy

Many of us have breathlessly wondered, what would it be like if Ron Burgundy were real? 

Watch Two Brand New Clips From ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’

The Anchorman 2 "we're gonna wear your interest in seeing this movie real fucking thin" onslaught continues. That's why I actually didn't watch these. I'm posting them, because

Virginia News Team Goes Full Anchorman to Open Their Broadcast

WKTR's news team went full Anchorman recently...Dammit, you never go full Anchorman!

The Cast Of ‘Anchorman 2′ Sang of ‘Afternoon Delight’ At Australian Premiere, No One Sang Along

Sick of hearing about Anchorman 2 and seeing Ron Burgundy yet? Yeah, we're not either. Good thing the movie is still twenty-four days away so Paramount can

You’re Really Going to Like Who’s Guest-Hosting ‘SportsCenter’ on December 5

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Boise Sports News Anchor Did His Entire Segment as Ron Burgundy

Paul Gerke, a sports news anchor in Boise, Idaho, dressed up as Ron Burgundy last night and delivered his entire segment in character. His performance, while full of effort, was

5 Hilarious Ads Will Ferrell Shot for the Dodge Durango as Ron Burgundy

Anchorman 2 is a mere two months away. And Ron Burgundy, thank Odin's Raven, is once again back in our lives, working as Chrysler's new

‘Anchorman 2’ Could Have Been a Broadway Musical

Chalk this idea up to "too brilliant to ever work": Will Ferrell and Adam McKay almost created a Broadway musical sequel to Anchorman.  In 2008, three years

STOP EVERYTHING: The Official ‘Anchorman 2’ Trailer Is HERE!

Great Odin's raven, I can barely contain my excitement. I can't believe this day -- the day the official Anchorman 2 trailer hits the web

Watch a New Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’

Whammy! The first trailer for Anchorman 2 was released almost a year ago. Finally, another teaser trailer for Ron Burgundy's highly-anticipated return to the big screen

Guess Who’s Appearing in ‘Anchorman 2’?

Anchorman 2 began filming in Atlanta a few weeks ago, and the number of its celebrity cameos is starting to get stupid. Tina Fey and Amy

New Photos from the Set of ‘Anchorman 2,’ You Guys

Brick has a trident! I REPEAT: Brick has a trident!!!

Paul Rudd Gave Some Great ‘Anchorman 2’ Spoilers on Conan Last Night

And by that I mean not at all. Terrible headline. I'm sorry. But this Paul Rudd interview on Conan, which took place in Atlanta last night,

Harrison Ford Will Be in ‘Anchorman 2’

Harrison Ford isn't exactly known for this comedic legacy—I'm struggling to see any really funny films on his IMDB page, and no, "Hollywood Homicide" wasn't

In Celebration of His 45th Birthday, Here Are 45 Unforgettable Moments from Judd Apatow’s Career

In celebration of one of Hollywood's finest minds turning 45, we've decided to look back at some of the moments that we, the collective mass

Whammy! There’s a New ‘Anchorman 2’ Trailer!

Do you enjoy overly sexual neck massages, submachine guns, and boobies?  

Great Odin’s Raven! Here’s the ‘Anchorman 2’ Teaser Trailer!

Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind, and of course Ron Burgundy are back and ready to straight-up murder your ass.