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Bro Writes The Smoothest Love Letter Ever Asking For Anal Sex, Complete With Code Cipher

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You can all learn something from this Über Bro who just wrote the world's smoothest request for anal sex, he's basically the Bill Shakespeare of 'butt stuff'.


Watch These Porn Stars Teach All The Ladies Out There How To Prepare For Anal


WebCams For most porn stars taking a D in the B is just another day in paradise (or something remotely close to that), but for civilians it's often a head-scratching activity that ends in pain and embarrassment.

canada shirt fail

Canada: The Anal Capital of the World


Did you know that Canada is currently the anal capital of the world.


How To Get Your Girlfriend to Give You Anal


It's not as hard as you'd think.


Virginia Is Now For Oral and Anal Lovers


The Old Dominion now lets you get down in the brown.

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This Girl’s Team Canada Shirt Accidentally Revealed a Sexual Secret


I mean, I don't think she definitely likes what's suggested below.

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