People Are Freaking Out Over This Video Of A Guy Maybe Going Through An Exorcism On A Roller Coaster


I’m no exorcism expert since I haven’t gone to church since I puked off the choir balcony in the middle of “Amazing Grace” when I was 7, but it’s my unprofessional opinion that this guy is going through some rough shit.


This Is Officially the Most Insane Amusement Park Ride Ever


The thrill of this amusement park ride is remarkably simple:.

Amusement parks

Buy the Scariest Amusement Park in the Entire World for Only $2.23 million


What a steal: Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Germany, is up for grabs on eBay and can be yours for only €1.

Water slides

WOAH: Take a Look at the View from the Top of the World’s Tallest Waterslide


Back in November we posted a picture of the still-under-construction "Verrückt" water slide at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City.


Holy Crap! This Is What It Looks Like from the Top of the World’s Tallest Waterslide


This is a picture from the very top of the Meg-a-Blaster waterslide that's currently under construction at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City.

Theme Park Deaths

The deadliest amusement park rides


Despite amusement park rides being statistically very safe, tragic accidents do happen.

worst things about amusement parks

10 reasons why amusement parks are overrated


You may remember amusement parks as a wonderful place you spent time at in your youth.

Amusement parks

10 Reasons Why Amusement Parks are Overrated


Let’s face facts — unless you’re a bro preparing to be a college freshman year or you’re still a teenager — amusement parks represent a bygone era in when the excitement and thrills from roller coasters and carnival games went unmatched throughout the summer.

People watching

3 Keys to People Watching at an Amusement Park


People come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of repulsiveness.


This is a guy vomiting on himself on a roller coaster


Consider this a companion piece to yesterday's post on the new Six Flags ride that's the tallest in the world.

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