Dudes Do Mushrooms Before Trying To Pickup Girls In Amsterdam And It Fails Hilariously


The fine folks at Simple Pickup passed over two million subscribers on their YouTube channel and to celebrate they indulged in some recreational drugs.

Red Light District

Amsterdam’s Disneyland of vice: A tour of the Red Light District


Not even Google’s Street View will go to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but if you do prepare to be shocked because it's not what you'd expect.

trash for beer

Amsterdam keeps streets clean by hiring alcoholics to pick up trash in exchange for beer


Amsterdam furthers its claim as the coolest city in the world by supporting The Rainbow Group, which givie homeless alcoholics beer in exchange for picking up trash.

Price of hookers Amsterdam

Guy pranks the hot hookers of Amsterdam in Internet’s most perfect video


One of the guys from YouTube comedy group whatever went to Amsterdam's famous Red Light District to talk to the many hookers.


This Dutch puberty animation will make you squirm


This video from the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam is supposed to explain puberty to the young and curious.


Super Mario head shop doesn’t sell magic mushrooms


All over NYC, you'll find pizza places that shamelessly use Super Mario to sell crappy slices.


How Badly Do You Want to Play Hockey on Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals?


Besides a quick frame, there's no puck action in this stunning video from Amsterdam.


What Can You Buy (Almost Legally) in Amsterdam?


Everybody knows that the coffee shops in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands openly sell weed thanks to the fact that it is decriminalized or tolerated or whatever the Dutch say so they don’t freak people out.

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