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Bro Dad Has a Question for Son After a Business Trip in Amsterdam, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Uh-oh! Just got back from Amsterdam, eh? Someone's "friend" is worried about a drug test! Your secret is safe with us, Dad. 

Tourists Can Forget About Buying Marijuana in Amsterdam

Bad news, pot enthusiasts. That trip over to Amsterdam is about to get a lot less enjoyable, thanks to a new law, upheld by a

How Badly Do You Want to Play Hockey on Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals?

Besides a quick frame, there's no puck action in this stunning video from Amsterdam. But that doesn't mean we can't dream, right? For

What Can You Buy (Almost Legally) in Amsterdam?

Everybody knows that the coffee shops in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands openly sell weed thanks to the fact that it is decriminalized