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16 Great American Soldier-Inspired Songs

There are probably hundreds of patriotic songs that praise soldiers, discuss battle, or protest wars. The messages told through these songs can be blatant or

30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Every Bro Needs to Know About

Allow us to wave the flag for a moment: America is an amazing place. The list of intangibles that we love about our country is

Toby Keith Surprises Woman with Her Military Husband Home from Afghanistan at Concert

Headline says it all, really. After bringing her up on stage to stand next to him during "American Soldier," Toby Keith surprised this Army wife

Saluting This Week’s Most Notable Bros

Week in and week out, the Bro of the Week is the one column that I truly enjoy writing. And by that, I mean I f*cking hate

10 Extraordinary Post-Service Achievements by American Veterans

Chesley Sullenberger

Military WeekMany American military veterans have gone on

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: American Troops, ‘60 Minutes’ Crew Come Under Enemy Fire in Afghanistan

If you were watching yesterday's Broncos-Colts game on CBS yesterday, you probably saw and heard umpteen promos for

30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterns You Need to Know About—Part 2

Staff Sergeant William H. Pitsenbarger

Conflict: Vietnam War

This heroic Air Force Pararescueman and