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WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban

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Before you press play on this video, think about where you are currently and what you're doing right now.


Deployed Soldiers FREAK OUT When a Camel Spider Invades Their Bedroom at Night


Here at BroBible, we applaud the bravery and heroism of our deployed soldiers.


16 Great American Soldier-Inspired Songs

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There are probably hundreds of patriotic songs that praise soldiers, discuss battle, or protest wars.

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30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Every Bro Needs to Know About


Allow us to wave the flag for a moment: America is an amazing place.

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Saluting This Week’s Most Notable Bros


Week in and week out, the Bro of the Week is the one column that I truly enjoy writing.


10 Extraordinary Post-Service Achievements by American Veterans


Many American military veterans have gone on to do great things after they completed their service in the armed forces.


MUST-WATCH VIDEO: American Troops, ‘60 Minutes’ Crew Come Under Enemy Fire in Afghanistan


If you were watching yesterday's Broncos-Colts game on CBS yesterday, you probably saw and heard umpteen promos for the season premiere of "60 Minutes," especially the Drew Brees interview.

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