Bro Expertly Recites Patrick Bateman’s Thoughts On Huey Lewis From ‘American Psycho’ To Very Confused Strangers


YouTube This one might take some 'splainin' if you haven't seen American Psycho, which, by the way, is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.


Bret Easton Ellis Admits A Truth About Patrick Bateman That ‘American Psycho’ Fans Might Not Want To Hear

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It's fascinating to listen to an author, writer, director or any creative person discuss their work.

Patrick Bateman

Real-Life Patrick Bateman Made Six-Figures AND Killed Two Hookers After Dining With Hot Chicks Across The Globe


American Psycho is a cult favorite with most men mainly because it’s basically a movie about a rich as fuck dude who hits up hot chicks for threesomes whenever he wants…and then casually murders people on the side.

trading places

10 Best Christmas-Time Movies That Have Actually Nothing To Do With Christmas


Everyone knows the movies that are purposefully crafted to get mass audiences in the Christmas spirit.

Video games

‘Metal Gear Rising’ gets the ‘American Psycho’ treatment


While not nearly as brilliant or hilarious as the American Psycho/Pokemon mash-up, Freddie Wong's latest Metal Gear Rising/American Psycho mash-up is pretty decent.

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