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What American Pie Star Had Bad Things to Say About Tara Reid’s Body?

Is the picture a giveaway?

What if ‘American Pie’ Took Place in 2014?

Things would be a little different.

Guess Which ‘American Pie’ Star Almost Got Stabbed By a One-Night Stand Yesterday Morning

The obvious guess is Stifler (Sean William Scott) or Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) because he couldn't even eat box or figure out how to spend

Stifler Gets Ready to Party: An Exclusive Deleted Scene from the ‘American Reunion’ DVD

Good news for Stifler fans: Today the DVD of "American Reunion" hit stores everywhere. Back for the gang's 13th high-school reunion, Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends

10 Fictional Movie Parties You Wish You Could Throw

We all construct fantasies about our futures based on cinematic experiences at the ripe, world-beating age of 12. I walked out of American Pie –

Stifler Says, ‘The Stifler App-Suite is Sweeeeeeet!’

In anticipation of the upcoming sequel American Reunion, our main man Stifler has released an app to get you back into the proper mindset before going out

American Reunion: Eugene Levy on Being Jim’s Dad

Anyone with a modicum of familiarity with "American Pie" knows that Jim's Dad -- is The Man. Like a wise yogi, Eugene Levy's character has

The ‘American Reunion’ Red-Band Trailer Hits the Web, Featuring Stifler in All His Glory

The opening of "American Reunion" is a little more than a week away and judging by the just-released red-band trailer, the final installment of the

Watch the Full-Length Theatrical Trailer for ‘American Reunion’

Ready for a Y2K flashback? The full-length theatrical trailer for "American Reunion" dropped today, featuring Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reuniting in

The ‘American Reunion’ Trailer is Finally Here

Stifler and the boys are back for one last hurrah. Looks like the original cast all signed on too. Cue Bart Scott immediately followed by