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Bro King DESTROYS Douchebag Landlord Who Asks Him to Take Down the American Flag

This Bro's patriotic takedown of a douchebag commie landlord just made me cry bald eagle tears.

I’m In Love with This Hot Girl Wrapped In the American Flag In the TomorrowWorld 2013 Trailer

What a babe. This chick might be the most perfect 10 I've ever seen in my life. TomorrowWorld 2013 is going to be absolutely ridiculous. 

This Man is America: Watch a Guy in Flag T-Shirt Tackle Escaped Inmate

A 6-foot-4, 320-pound behemoth of a man, dressed in an American flag T-shirt, tackled an escaped convict at a small general store in rural Ohio

Lil Wayne Spotted Walking All Over American Flag In ‘God Bless Amerika’ Music Video

If you want to make a patriotic American really, really mad, all you have to do is trample on Betsy Ross's sacred symbol of our

A Protester in Pakistan Died After Inhaling Fumes from a Burning American Flag

Hard not to ignore what's been going on in world affairs lately, as the Middle East continues to experience upheaval over outrage from "The Innocence

Sunset That Looks Like the American Flag Is Your Kick-Ass Photo of the Day

Via Jeff Lewis on Twitter comes the most kick-ass sunset you've ever seen: An American Flag sunset. Now if only Team USA can overtake China in

The 50 Hottest Star-Spangled Celebrity Women of All-Time

Fourth of July is easily one of the greatest holidays in the history of civilization. It's the one of the few days out of the

Would You Buy One of These American Flag Pinnies?

There's just something about summer that screams patriotism. Maybe it's the fresh smell of freedom in the air at a summer BBQ or the taste

Iowa Turns Kinnick Stadium Into Huge American Flag

There are certain stadium gimmicks that we hate (we're look at you, The Wave). But here's one we can all get behind. During

35 Years Ago Today, Rick Monday Made the Greatest Play in Baseball History By Saving the U.S. Flag

Thirty-five years ago today, on April 25, 1976, the Chicago Cubs took the field to play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. During the