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The American Flag + An Army Tank + Soft Fabric = The Most American Tank Top Money Can Buy


Marine’s New Amphibious Assault Vehicle Looks Like It Can Win All the Wars

Not sure who we are planning to fight next, but fuck it. Let's do this shit.

What Would Your State’s ‘Game of Thrones’ House Flag Look Like?

The Flayed Man would definitely be Florida.

The Best 4th of July Fails: A Tribute to Dumb Americans, Because ‘MURICA

America is the greatest damn country in the world.

The 12 Most American Things To Do on the 4th of July

Today I brainstormed all of the American things I wanted to put on my calendar in celebration of being born in the most free-est goddamn

Why the Fourth of July is the Best Day of the Year

It's the most wonderful day of the year.

How to Cook Bacon Using a Machine Gun

What are you, a pussy?

The 15 Most Wildly Patriotic Items You Can Buy on eBay, Because ‘MERICA!

Oh say can you see...all these American items from eBay?

Finally, a Mad Chill USA vs. Belgium Hype Video You Can Smoke Weed To

How about one last hype video until we DO THIS....

232 American Kids With Cancer Chant ‘I Believe That We Will Win’

Our X-factor.

The 27 Most AMERICAN AS FUCK Hulk Hogan GIFs

Hulk Hogan just got us so jacked up for the USMNT to go America as Fuck on the world's asses tomorrow.

Relive the Moment America Just Collectively Jizzed


These Patriotic World Cup Reaction Videos from Around the USA Make Me Cry Bald Eagles Tears of Joy

y. Each and every single one of these videos gives me chills and makes me cry red, white, and blue bald eagle tears.

College Bros Make Super Fratty U.S. Men’s Team World Cup Hype Video

We're so ready to do this.

VIDEO: Spurs Owner Peter Holt Gives an INCREDIBLE Shout Out to America After the Winning the NBA Championship

How can you not love this guy?

These Special Edition NBA-Branded Shoes Practically Bleed America

Fly look.

Bro King DESTROYS Douchebag Landlord Who Asks Him to Take Down the American Flag

This Bro's patriotic takedown of a douchebag commie landlord just made me cry bald eagle tears.

10 Strangest Sex Laws in the USA

In Massachusetts it's illegal to have have sex with a rodeo clown in the presence of a horses.

This NASCAR Fan Is America’s Most Patriotic Fan Ever

Say what you want about racing fans: they love America.

Quick, Think of the Most Tim Tebow Thing Tim Tebow Could Do …

The real America.

The Atlanta Braves Hate America

...Because they set the American flag on fire during their home opener.

ESPN’s New 2014 World Cup Ad Is American as FUCK

Oh hell yes.

A Feminist Rag Tried to Define Every Bro in America and… We Kinda Agree With Them

America the Bro-tiful

A Marine and Soldier Takes Back the American Flag from Disrespectful Protesters

I hate it when hippies parade the flag upside down to make some sort of extremist point about America "being in a state of

Cool GoPro Video of the Navy Parachute Team Jumping Into the Padres’ Home Opener

U-S-A. U-S-A- U-S-A.

Sooo… Wanna Know Which State Has the Most Chlamydia?

Is it yours?

Get Your America on with This Live Webcam of Bald Eagles Killing for Their Children


Rex and Rob Ryan Went to Hooters Because Rex and Rob Ryan Are National Treasures

As we face our frenemies to the north on the ice, gaze upon this photo of Rex and Rob Ryan […]

U.S. Hockey Player T.J. Oshie Had an Amazing Response After Being Called a ‘Hero’

YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Just had good talk with America's newest hero. Only don't call T.J. […]

U.S Women’s Hockey Fan in Full Bodysuit Loves America More Than You

If nothing else, the Olympics provide a perfect opportunity for Americans to go America all over everyone’s assess for two […]

Badass Security Cam Footage Captures U.S. Army’s Delta Force Catching a Terrorist In 40 Seconds

This is so badass. The Washington Post recently uncovered video of a secret, middle-of-the-night raid against al-Qaeda terrorism suspect Nazih Abdul-Hamed […]

1000 High School Students Sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ In the Most Awesome Way Possible

Between this and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, I feel so much red, white, and blue adrenaline running through my veins, […]

Map: The Worst Person From Each State In America

  The Bros at Mandatory put together this helpful guide to the absolute worst person from every state in America. […]

Half of All Americans Admit to Sexting

Which means that… what… almost a hundred percent of us are doing it? Because I’m sure a lot of people […]

Man Pulls Handgun on Girl Scout Selling Cookies

And amazingly, this didn't happen in Florida!

Why is My State So _____?

You can tell a lot about a state based on the top Google autocomplete suggestions. Or maybe you can't because they're wildly arbitrary and don't

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Stay in America for Spring Break

America the Beautiful – why would anyone ever want to willingly leave this glorious country?

Proof That Bros Love America More Than Anything Else In Life

Back-to-back World War Champs, fuckers.... 

America Just Lost Its Man Card, the French Drink More Whiskey than Us

God fucking dammit, America. According to Quartz, our great nation comes in third in whiskey drank per capita in the world. 

The Insane Clown Posse Is Suing the United States of America

My first introduction to the Insane Clown Posse came when I was 15, when someone played The Neden Game for me.