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With July 4th On The Horizon, It’s Time For the Most American Song of All Time

This puts Team America's "America (F**k Yeah)" on notice.

Get Your America on with This Live Webcam of Bald Eagles Killing for Their Children


USA Christmas Light Display in Tallahassee, Florida Is the Most AMERICAN Thing You’ll See Today

America! Christmas! Lee Greenwood! Techno beats! More flashing red, white, and blue lights than a Deadmau5 concert! Needs a little bit more Rick

VIDEO: The Inevitable Team America Kills Osama Bin Laden Mash-Up

As "Osama-is-dead" euphoria continues to roll across the nation, you knew a "Team America" mash-up was inevitable.

Crowd Breaks Out in ‘U-S-A’ Chant During Phillies - Mets Game After Hearing Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Here's the crowd going wild with U-S-A chants at Citizens Bank Park upon hearing the news of Osama Bin Laden's death. via Mocksession