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Reviewers on Amazon Troll Seller Who is Trying to Sell These Nike’s For $1,600, Their Efforts Are All For Naught

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... is really applicable when it comes to these shoes.

If You Have Amazon Prime, Never Worry About Unwanted Pregnancies Again

2014, everybody.

The Four Most Ridiculous Sex Machines You Can Buy on Amazon

The reviews for these are absolutely insane, too...

Hilarious Amazon Reviews Claim Haribo’s Sugarless Gummy Bears Cause Lower Intestine EXPLOSIONS

Sugarless gummy bears. FUCKIN' SUGARLESS GUMMY BEARS! POW...POW, POW! They're tearing the ass out of our country, one unsuspecting American at a time. At least that's

eBay’s CEO Calls Bullshit on Amazon’s Drone Program

On the Sunday night before Cyber Monday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company plans on implementing drone shipping by 2015. The UAV delivery drones—called

12 Surprising Facts About Amazon.com

Amazon serves 19.5 million customer a days.... OR, more people than the State of Florida. 

The Future Is Here: In Five Years, Amazon.com Will Be Delivering Stuff to Your Door via UAV Drones

Woah. On Sunday night before Cyber Monday mayhem, 60 Minutes blew the world's collective minds with a report by Charlie Rose about Amazon.com. Most of the interview

‘Supranatural’ the Series is on Amazon

BROS, our friends over at SupaNatural put together this pilot and we think its rad.

Caught in the Act: Author Posts Stunning Reviews of His Own Work on Amazon

Shamless acts of internet narcissism, explained: