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Six Tech Bros Made An Estimated $13.4 BILLION Last Week And I’m Over Here Looking Up Ramen Recipes


Thanks to a particularly swell week on the market, six bros from Silicon Valley are an estimated $13.


The 4 Best Dildo Reviews On Amazon And Whether Or Not I’d Buy Them Based On The Reviews

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Contrary to popular belief I’ve never had any foreign plastic objects most likely made in China inserted into either my butthole or my vagina.


This Edited The Amazon Echo Commercial Made The Echo A Sassy Bitch And It’s 100x Better Than The Original


According to the original commercial the Amazon Echo can be used to find out anything and everything such as the news and weather, and it can also play music if you ask.


Amazon Warehouse Worker Explains The Craziest Stuff Returned By Customers


Sure, Reddit AMA is an awesome place to ask questions of celebs, athletes and people you never imagined you'd be able to speak to in your life but it's also fun when a random person pops by to give a peek into their little world.


The Four Most Ridiculous Sex Machines You Can Buy on Amazon


The reviews for these are absolutely insane, too.

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