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Man Uses His Thumb as a ‘Surrogate Penis’

Modern medical science is truly amazing. 

Bro Does Ridiculous 2-Minute Beatbox Set, Makes Sounds a Human Should Not Produce

At first I thought this was fake, but after watching the entire clip it would seem he is really making all these noises. Who knows

Bro Plays Dueling Banjo’s from ‘Deliverance’ By Himself on a Double-Neck Guitar

You hear that? That's the sound of Richie Sambora shitting his fucking pants-suit. Anyone know how difficult this was? I assure you playing Dueling Banjos

Start Your Day With This Video of a Monkey Riding a Dog at the Colts Game

It takes a special person to shakily tape something off television with their phone and upload it to YouTube. We’d all be lost without these

We’ve Hit the Jackpot: A Movie That Looks Exactly Like ‘Taken,’ Starring Nicolas Cage

OH. MAN. The possibilites! The spinoffs, the spoofs, the memes, the TBS marathons, the hours wasted on Netflix instant--it's all here! 

Watch Nik Wallenda Walk Over Niagara Falls on a High Wire

Last night, Nik Wallenda fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the first person to ever walk across Niagara Falls on a high wire.

Five People Playing One Guitar is the Best Video of Early 2012

It's beautiful, it's mind blowing, it's a musical orgy, and it's a video of five people --Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood

Bored? Watch the ‘Win/Luck Compilation of 2011’

Just a seven-and-a-half minute compilation of people winning at life in 2011 to bust your "Please-help-me-I'm-bored-as-hell-at-home-and-its-not-New-Years-Eve-yet" blues.

This Is What Dubstep Beatboxing Looks/Sounds Like

This is a little old, but it just fell on our radar last night when it starting pinging around the Internet. This street

Watch a Canadian Sportscaster Win a $2 Million Lottery Live on the Air

Meet Barry Deley, a Canadian TV sportscaster who found out that he just won a $2 million lottery from his own colleagues live

Another Pilot Lands Plane that has No Landing Gear Like a Boss

Who needs frickin landing gear? Not this pilot. He lands his plane without any wheels so perfectly that it seemed like the plane

It’s Halloween, So Check Out This Ridiculously Awesome 1818-Pound Zombie Pumpkin Carving

A sculpter named Ray Villafan recently took his carving skills to the Bronx to making this insanely awesome pumpkin carving for the The

Now This Is How You Land A Plane With No Front Landing Gear

Flawless execution displayed by the pilot. But what's more impressive than anything is that he pulled it off without any assistance from a

And Yet Another Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance Video

In case you haven't gotten the memo yet (here and here), YouTube's WHZGUD is on a mission to prove he has a the

Base Jumping Off A 1,300-Foot Antenna in Africa Looks INSANE

Universal truth: As long as mankind continues to engineer and build extremely tall structures, a certain, marginally insane faction of the human species

Video of a Kayaker’s Journey With a Giant Blue Whale

Ocean kayaking is an enpowering experience that will give you a sense of independence. You're in this massive body of water on this

This Penguin is a Total Boss, Also a Total Thief

Penguins: They're just like us! They steal sh*t from each other when one's not looking. Seriously, this video — from a BBC series

A Swedish Guy Managed to Jump Over a Lamborghini Gallardo Doing 50 M.P.H.

This is one of those videos that you watch the first time and you're like, "meh, so what? That was no big deal."

This Popsicle Stick Bomb is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

This evening our developer passed along this video, and, well... you should watch it. First, perhaps you should brush up on the fine

Kids with Water Guns Pretend They’re the Bellagio Fountain

Here's a video from a pool care company that will make you miss the super-soaker-packing days of summer. It must have taken some

Watch POV Footage of Brian Purdy’s Motorcycle Explosion During the 2011 Manx GP

This incredible footage from the Isle of Man's Man Grand Prix is one of the craziest, most amazing things you'll see today.  During

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today

You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope? AWESOME. That's

55-Year Old Casino Executive/Rapper Named A. Samuels Is ‘Livin De Life’ With Swagtastic Music Video

Stop everything you're doing right now. This is a must-watch. World, meet New Jersey rapper A. Samuels, "a 55 Year old casino executive

Watch This German Guy Parallel Park Like a Boss and Set a World Record for a Hot Second

This probably is the first (and last) post in BroBible history about the enthralling world of competitive parking. Turns out, it's a thing...

Watch This UK Police Officer Get Hit at Full Speed By a Stolen Car and Then Chase the Perp Down

It's absolutely astonishing the police officer in this video could survive this impact, let alone stand up and tase the perpetrator, thus taking

Like a Boss, U.S. Ski Team Member Ani Haas Survives Bear Attack By Punching the Bear In the Face

While jogging the Crazy Canyon trail near Missoula, Montana, former U.S. ski team member Ani Haas got between a mama black bear and

Alex Trebek Tears Achilles Tendon Chasing a Burglar; Is Kind of a Bad$$

Earlier today everyone's favorite 72-year-old game show host was in the San Francisco Bay Area to host the National Geographic World Championship event

‘Biscuit’ the Jack Russell Is Quite the Rock-Climbing Dog

Sure, Biscuit here from Colorado can boulder aroud and climb rocks. It's cool and all, but can he rappell down that 85-degree rock

How to Jump Into a Pool Chair Like a Boss

Needs more Leisure Diving, but otherwise absolutely perfect. A "10," if you will. Hat tip goes to Guyism. Have a nice weekend.

Soldier Deployed to Afghanistan Asks Soccer Star Hope Solo to Military Ball

We are nothing if we aren't a nation of copy cats. Monkey see monkey f*ckin do (Am I right, Google +?). Got to

Home Improvement Fail Involving a Hot Tub and a Crane

Sometimes contractors screw up. But, usually it isn't this catastrophic. Related Story: The Biggest Home Improvement Fail Involving a Hot Tub and a Crane You’ll

Man Hangs From a Hot Air Balloon by His Body Piercings

Here's a story straight from What the F*ckville. 34 year-old Seattle resident, Zane Whitmore, took a hot air balloon flight on Saturday afternoon.

World’s First Side-by-Side Dirt Bike Double Backflip

Here's motocross stars Cameron Sinclair and Travis Pastrana performing perfectly synchronized  side by side double backflips in front of a sold out crowd

A Gaggle of Geese Surf Some Whitewater Gnar in Colorado

If you're into white water, you know just how gnarly this time of year can be in places like Glennwood Springs, Colorado (home

Royals Fan Catches a Foul Ball in a Pop Corn Bucket… Like a Boss

Here's a Kansas City Royals fan catching Eric Hosmer's foul ball with a popcorn bucket on Monday night. Boss status? Absolutely.

Let’s Watch an Argentinian Fighter Jet Fly Insanely Close to the Ground

Via Gizmodo comes one of the craziest fighter jet low passes we've ever witnessed. An Argentinian FMA IA 63 Pampa gets about a meter off the ground

Fly Around in a Jet Pack

Remember when we were posting jet pack videos every other week or so? Fun times! Martin Aircraft Company showed the world a video

Circus Elephant Lend a Hand at Cleaning Up the Aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri Tornado

The residents of Joplin Missouri continue to clean up from the devastating tornado that's claimed over a hundreds lives and 8,000 homes. A traveling circus

Guy Enters His Car Like a Boss

Nascar would be a lot cooler if all the drivers were like this bro. Warning: Swag Alert. Related Story: 20 Things You May Have Missed

Romanian Soccer Player Almost Owned by Roman Candle

Ever wondered what it looks like when a soccer player doesn’t fake it? This striker for Romania’s Dinamo București shows some authentic discomfort when he