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Amazing Bro Has Carried His Disabled Friend To School EVERY DAY For Three Years, Both Sit Top Of The Class


For the past three years, an amazing story of bro love has been fostering on the other side of the world from where many of us reside.

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Trust Me, You’re Going To Want To See How This Talented Young Woman Makes A Balloon Disappear

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Some people can dominate a room, whether it be with their devastating good looks or their mesmerizing charm and personality.


Man Uses His Thumb as a ‘Surrogate Penis’


Modern medical science is truly amazing.


Bro Does Ridiculous 2-Minute Beatbox Set, Makes Sounds a Human Should Not Produce


At first I thought this was fake, but after watching the entire clip it would seem he is really making all these noises.


Start Your Day With This Video of a Monkey Riding a Dog at the Colts Game


It takes a special person to shakily tape something off television with their phone and upload it to YouTube.

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Watch Nik Wallenda Walk Over Niagara Falls on a High Wire


Last night, Nik Wallenda fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the first person to ever walk across Niagara Falls on a high wire.


Five People Playing One Guitar is the Best Video of Early 2012


It's beautiful, it's mind blowing, it's a musical orgy, and it's a video of five people --Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood -- playing one guitar.


Bored? Watch the ‘Win/Luck Compilation of 2011’


Just a seven-and-a-half minute compilation of people winning at life in 2011 to bust your "Please-help-me-I'm-bored-as-hell-at-home-and-its-not-New-Years-Eve-yet" blues.


This Is What Dubstep Beatboxing Looks/Sounds Like


This is a little old, but it just fell on our radar last night when it starting pinging around the Internet.


Watch a Canadian Sportscaster Win a $2 Million Lottery Live on the Air


Meet Barry Deley, a Canadian TV sportscaster who found out that he just won a $2 million lottery from his own colleagues live on the air.


It’s Halloween, So Check Out This Ridiculously Awesome 1818-Pound Zombie Pumpkin Carving


A sculpter named Ray Villafan recently took his carving skills to the Bronx to making this insanely awesome pumpkin carving for the The New York Botanical Garden.


Now This Is How You Land A Plane With No Front Landing Gear


Flawless execution displayed by the pilot.

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