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Toddler Learns Valuable Life Lesson About Arguing With Girls In Greatest Video Ever


I promise you will not watch a better video today on the Internet than this video of two toddlers arguing over the weather.

GoPro videos

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Chick’s Ass In Yoga Pants Jiggling During a Motorcycle Ride


With all due respect to GoPro auteurs everywhere,  THIS is how you use a GoPro camera.


The Story of a Missing Boy Who Found His Home with Google Earth


When he was five years old, Saroo Munshi got separated from his brother at a train station in India.


Watch a Badass Documentary About an 80-Year-Old Dude Who Lives with Wild Wolves


Eighty-year-old German Bro Werner Freund has been living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years.


Amazing Color Footage of New York City in 1939


Back in 1939, French tourist Jean Vivier visited New York City with a 16mm Kodachrome camera.


Insane Japanese Car Crash Will Make You Yell, ‘Oh, Sh*t!’


Despite every indication to the contrary, everyone involved in this horrific crash is alive.

hockey goals

The Downright Dirtiest Hockey Goal You’ll Watch Today


Everything about this video is freakin' awesome.

viral crash

Race Car Goes Over Side of Cliff, Occupants Somehow Survive


Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov were participating in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado on Sunday when it all went terribly wrong.

Wrigley Field

Watch Armless Man Throw Out the First Pitch at Wrigley Field…WITH HIS FEET


It may have taken him two attempts, but Tom Willis throwing out the first pitch this past Saturday at Wrigley Field is your warm and fuzzy moment of the day.

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