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This Baby Husky Puppy Learning How to Howl Is Just About the Best Thing Ever

This video has been blowing up the Internet this weekend. For good reason, too: This baby husky puppy is only 20 days old, but it's

So Many Feels: Watch a Man with Down Syndrome Read an Acceptance Letter To Clemson University

Tis the season for college acceptance letters. Rion Holcombe -- a 20-year old man with Down syndrome -- recently received a letter from Clemson University’s LIFE program,

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Chick’s Ass In Yoga Pants Jiggling During a Motorcycle Ride

With all due respect to GoPro auteurs everywhere,  THIS is how you use a GoPro camera....  YouTube RR Marquez captured "Tabitha's first ride" by attaching a GoPro

The Story of a Missing Boy Who Found His Home with Google Earth

When he was five years old, Saroo Munshi got separated from his brother at a train station in India. 

The Best Video on the Internet Today Is a Hillbilly Good Ole’ Boy Dancing with a Raccoon

Well this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Bless this fearless, hillbilly swamp person getting his boogie on with a raccoon to Aretha

Watch a Badass Documentary About an 80-Year-Old Dude Who Lives with Wild Wolves

Eighty-year-old German Bro Werner Freund has been living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years. The Internet sherpas over at Vice made

Comedian Fat Jew Does SoulCycle for the Homeless on NYC CitiBikes Station

This is the most amazing thing I've watched today. Comedian Fat Jew managed to combine three things New Yorkers won't shut up -- SoulCycle, CitiBike,

Amazing Color Footage of New York City in 1939

Back in 1939, French tourist Jean Vivier visited New York City with a 16mm Kodachrome camera. Amazingly, the film held up pretty well over the

Insane Japanese Car Crash Will Make You Yell, ‘Oh, Sh*t!’

Despite every indication to the contrary, everyone involved in this horrific crash is alive. That is simply astounding. 

Bro Deployed in Afghanistan Sends a Wedding Message to His Brother From the Cockpit of a Harrier Jet

There is nothing... And I mean absolutely NOTHING... like brotherly love. Nothing. Being deployed in Afghanistan wasn't going to keep this pilot from delivering a

Golden Eagle Swoops Down, Attempts to Grab Small Child, Provides Greatest Footage Ever

Shut down the internet and shut down YouTube. Everything before and after this one-minute video of a child escaping primal death is just filler.

The Downright Dirtiest Hockey Goal You’ll Watch Today

Everything about this video is freakin' awesome. Austin Azurdia of the British Columbia Hockey League's Langley Rivermen landed one of the best hockey goals we've

Race Car Goes Over Side of Cliff, Occupants Somehow Survive

Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov were participating in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado on Sunday when it all went terribly wrong. Foley,

Watch Armless Man Throw Out the First Pitch at Wrigley Field…WITH HIS FEET

It may have taken him two attempts, but Tom Willis throwing out the first pitch this past Saturday at Wrigley Field is your warm and

Johanna Quaas is 86, Still Doing Gymnastics

OK, so maybe women’s gymnastics isn’t exactly our forte. But when the participant's 86-years-old, it’s hard to ignore.

Man Packs His Entire Exploratory Year into One Five-Minute Video

17 Countries. 19 Planes. 58 Buses. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. And 1 nap needed after watching this exhausiting 5-minute video of Kein Lam's

The Top 25 Most-Watched Videos on BroBible in 2011

Time for the year-end BroBible lists! First up: the 25 most-watched videos of the year. We've got amazing sports plays, sexy babes wearing practically nothing,

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today

You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope? AWESOME. That's

Woman Addicted to Eating Her Dead Husband’s Ashes

My Strange Addiction" has had many weirdos eating odd things like drywall, rocks, and tv remote controls, but on Sunday night's season finale things got

Watch This UK Police Officer Get Hit at Full Speed By a Stolen Car and Then Chase the Perp Down

It's absolutely astonishing the police officer in this video could survive this impact, let alone stand up and tase the perpetrator, thus taking

This is What It Looks Like When an Apocalyptic Dust Storm Devours Phoenix

The greater city of Phoenix experienced some sort of freaky, End-of-Times-esque dust cloud (known as a “habub”) that rolled out of the desert and pretty

Watch Matador Sergio Vegas Get Bulldozed and Gored By an Angry Bull

In "The Sun Also Rises," Ernest Hemingway's writes, "Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters." Well, here's Sergio Vegas following Papa's

This POV Climb to the Top of a 1768-Foot Transmission Tower is Seriously Vertigo Inducing

Someone just sent this video in and, woah, we had to share it right away. A few weeks ago I remember reading a comment that

The 11 Greatest Last-Minute Comebacks in College Basketball History

So far, this year's NCAA tournament has had its fair share of great endings: George Mason's comeback over Villanova, Morehead State's last-second 3 over Louisville,

VIDEOS: Incredible Bucket Drummer Performs on Sydney’s Pitt Street

One of my best friends is living in Sydney right now and just posted a video of an incredible plastic-bucket drummer on Facebook, with this

Enter the BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge!

Over the past several months, we've seen an onslaught of college athletes wading into an area once dominated by middle-school kids in their driveways and

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort Comes to Life In Stunning Tilt-Shift Video

Tuesday AM Weather report: It's colder than Amy Winehouses' mooseknuckles here in NYC and last night's snow will surely turn to some sort of slushy,

VIDEO: Duke’s Kyle Singler Hits Trick Shot From the TV Announcers’ Nest in Cameron Indoor Stadium

Sunday was Duke's first regular season game of the college basketball season, with the Blue Devils dominating Princeton 97-60. I promise you all I won't

VIDEO: Journey’s Steve Perry Leads Giants Fans in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Singalong

Funny moment in Game 2 of the Giants-Rangers World Series last night: during a mid-8th inning break, Journey's never-say-die staple "Don't Stop Believing" was played