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DII Running Back Does a Front-Flip Over a Defender, Lands It, Keeps Trucking

Martee Tenner is a running back at Lincoln University (Missouri). During a game against Southwest Baptist on Saturday, he pulled this downright incredible front-flip over a

The Hail Mary at the End of the Bengals-Ravens Game Was NUTS

File this under "In Case You Missed It" and also mark it down as the early front runner for play of the year candidate. After

High School Team Returns Field Goal 99 Yards as Time Expires for Insane Win

This is a brutal way to lose a football game. It’s also an awesome way to win a football game. Life’s all about perspective.

High School Bro Blocks Two Punts on the Same Play

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to block a punt. One must break through the opponent's line and sacrifice his body for the good

Matthew Stafford Threw a Touchdown Pass to Himself

Matthew Stafford's cat-like reflexes are just impeccable in this goal-line sneak. Impressive stuff: 

This Monster Rugby Hit Is Beautiful

Isaia Tuifua is freaking monster for this huge hit. Can't imagine how much coin Roger Goodell would fine him for this masterful lay-out, but I digress.

8th Grade Football Player Pukes on the Field, Immediately Makes Touchdown-Saving Tackle

Way to toughen up and play through it, Bro. That's how it's done. 

The Best Truck Stick Of the Week Was By a Pee Wee Football Quarterback

I can't decide which pee-wee football truck-stick is better: This one from 2011 or this one, below, from a much more evenly-matched quarterback? Kid is

Adrian Peterson Is Not Mortal, Starts the Season with a 78-Yard Touchdown

Adrian Peterson is not human. To the glee of fantasy owners everywhere, on his first carry of the season, AP charged out of the gates

High School Football Player, Isiah Mckenzie, Had a Video Game-Type Kickoff Return for a TD

And not a single tackle was made on that day... 

High School Bro Kicks a 70-Yard Field Goal, Internet Creams Its Pants

I guess this is going viral...

Jadeveon Clowney Monster Hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith Must Be Seen to Be Believed

One more highlight from South Carolina's dramatic victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Here's Jadeveon Clowney rocking Vincent Smith with one of the biggest hits

This Is the Best Hockey Goal You’ll Watch Today

Since the NHL continues to be a bitch, puckheads must settle for Finnish hockey highlights. Still, this is dirty goal from Jyri Junnila of KalPa

This Spinning Backheel Futsal Goal Is Ridiculous

I don't ever.... Whaaaa.... This is ridiculous. 

How Sick Is This Behind the Back Lacrosse Goal?

So, so, so dirty. Whit McCarthy goes hard for Colby college during a LXM PRO ATS event in Las Vegas. When he's not getting his lax

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell Had a MONSTER Block in the Big Ten Championship Game

Yeah, Wisconsin won pretty easily last night, but Kenny Bell's huge block is like something out of a cartoon. He destroyed Wisconsin’s Devin Smith. Video

FREAKING HUGE Pee Wee Football Player Plows Over a Defender with a Truck Stick For the Ages

Just watching this epic truck stick makes my head hurt. On a rushing play, the gigantic pee wee fullback on the brown team lowers his

Ever See a 110-Yard Touchdown? Now You Have

Forget all you know about extremely long touchdowns. Sean Landez, a high schooler from the great state of Texas, has rewritten the history books with

Just Because the Winter Classic Is Canceled Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Appreciate a Dirty Shootout Goal

Bummer of a day for NHL fans since the League pulled the plug on the Winter Classic being held at the Big House this winter.

Ever Seen a Defensive Back Intercept a Snap? Now You Have

There is no glory in being a center. Virtually the only time you’re recognized is immediately after you screw up. Like this guy. He screwed

Amazing Punt Return Will Make You Weep for The Lost Art of Tackling

Bad tackling is a football epidemic. I mean, have you seen either West Virginia or Texas play this year? Just brutal. Judging by this incredible

Behind-the-Back Tennis Shots Ain’t No Thing for Grigor Dimitrov

Every tennis blog on the planet is calling this "the tennis shot of the year." Yeah, no crap. During yesterday's Swiss Indoors Tournament match between

Catch of the Year Alert: Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan with the Most Insane Catch of the Day

This is flipping awesome. Saints receiver Joe Morgan landed a 48-yard touchdown on an underthrown pass from Drew Brees. Defying the laws of basic physics, Morgan

You Won’t Believe This Behind-the-Back Touchdown Pass in Purdue Intramural Game

Anyone who participates in intramural sports knows that there is nothing – NOTHING – more important. Hell, I remember not studying for exams just to

Watch a CFL Player Return a Missed Field Goal 129 Yards for a Touchdown

If this type of thing happens regularly up in Canada, I think I'm going to join a CFL fantasy football league next year. 

Play of the Year: One-Legged Soccer Player Scores an INSANE Goal

Well, I just filled out my ballot for the play of the year. Hell, maybe even the play of the century. 

High School Player Has a Ridiculous One-Handed Circus Catch

How about a little Friday Night Lights action from Mississippi? During MRA's big win over Washington on Friday night, MRA reciever Will Trammell defied the basic laws of

Goalkeeper Does the Unthinkable, Scores Goal with a Bicycle Kick

We rarely post about soccer on this site but when a goalkeeper kicks the game-tying goal by way of a bicycle kick, there's no way

Watch Southern Utah’s Cameron Morgan Make an Incredible One-Handed Touchdown Catch

The must-watch college football catch of the day, via Southern Utah's Cameron Morgan. During the first half of today's game against U-Cal, Morgan snagged this incredible catch

This Head-First Kickball Dive Into Home Is Too Good to Miss

Universal truth, regardless of age: Kickball is a whole lot of fun. Hate all you want, but there's a reason 20-something grads flock to kickball

Athan Iannucci’s Incredible Diving Lacrosse Goal Will Give You Chills

Ready to have your faced WOW'd off your head? Good. Via Hot Clicks comes one of the most incredible diving lacrosse goals we've ever witnessed. Athan

Watch an Awesome No-Look Flick Lacrosse Goal

Your must-watch lacrosse play-of-the-da comes from the Maryland 2A-1A state lacrosse title game between Fallston and South Carroll. Fallston's Jason Lawrence managed to score this gem. It's

The Most Incredible Australian Football Catch You’ll Watch Today

Technically, this isn't a catch; It's a mark. And it's the most amazing mark you'll ever see courtesy of Melbourne's Jeremy Howe. He literally jumps

This Dirty Lax Goal Is the First Club Lax Highlight to Make It on SportsCenter’s Top 10

I think every single player in the MCLA has sent us Mackenzie Ensley's dirty goal, so here it is.  The Michigan State freshman had this

The Most Insane Badminton Rally You’ll Ever Watch

A little old, but I don't exactly follow the professional badminton circuit. My apologies to anyone that does. This rally at the 2011

Check Out This Dirty One-Handed Lax Goal

Our tipster didn't provide many details on this sick one-handed goal from a high school game in Raleigh, North Carolina, but it's awesome.

Watch a Football Player from Lincoln University (Mo.) Do a Front Flip Over a Defender

D-II football videos! In April! Wahoo! Here's an outstanding highlight from Lincoln University's spring football scrimmage. The runningback does a full front flip

Is This Damn Good Diving Lacrosse Save the Greatest Lax Save of All Time?

The Lacrosse Network seems to think so. Surely there's been something cooler than just a really good dive, right? Like a dude doing

North Carolina’s Chad ‘The Tut’ Tutton Scores a Nasty One-Handed, Behind-the-Back Lax Goal

Via Lacrosse Playground comes this dirty, dirty one-handed, behind-the-back lacrosse goal from over the weekend. In a weekend of awesome sports highlights, North

Australian Rugby Player Dean Mumm Delivers the Biggest One-Handed Spear You’ll See This Week

Rugby bros are going to love this. During a recent match with the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, Dean Mumm of Australia's New South Wales Waratahs