perfectly timed photos

31 amazing photos that were timed just perfectly


Sometimes a photographer simply gets lucky and certain things in a photo line up just perfectly creating some of the oddest images ever caught on camera.


Amazing Photos Released of a Golden Eagle Attacking a Deer


Researchers in southern Russia set up a camera to capture a golden eagle swooping down to attack a young sika deer.

amazing photos

Papa John Seemed to Enjoy Himself at the National Championship Game


Fun fact: Papa John's Pizza is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

stunning photos

17 images you won’t believe aren’t Photoshopped


These photos have made millions of Internet users scream "FAKE.

Stanley Cup

This Picture of the Stanley Cup with Little People and Enormous Breasts is Worth a Million Words


They say that everything under the sun has been done with the Stanley Cup.

Where's Waldo?

Tattoo Artist Inks Guy’s Back With Where’s Waldo Scene To Raise Money For Children’s Hospital


This past weekend, 22-year-old music producer John Mosley had Waldo -- the hard-to-find children's book character -- tattooed on his back as part of a 24-hour tattoo challenge to raise money for London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Yearbook photos

Brian Wilson Left a Great Message In His High School Yearbook for Anyone Who Hated Him


Who's gas will the haters be pumping when their lives go to sh*t.


This is What It Looks Like When an Apocalyptic Dust Storm Devours Phoenix


The greater city of Phoenix experienced some sort of freaky, End-of-Times-esque dust cloud (known as a “habub”) that rolled out of the desert and pretty much devoured the city whole.

The Rock

This is One Way for Disney to Make Sure Families Buy In-Ride Photos


I'm no fan of the WWE buy I'd buy this goddamn photo every day of the week.

white house photos osama bin laden

Behind-the-Scenes Photos in the White House During the Bin Laden Mission


Sometime after midnight last night I Tweeted this: "Can't wait to see White House photographer Pete Souza's behind-the-scenes photos of the past few days' events.

cool photos

AMAZING PHOTOS: The Sun, in Incredible Detail


Today is Sunday, the Packers-Jets game is really boring, and "Golf's Best of 2010" is on CBS (at least in New York).


PHOTO GALLERY: Astronaut Douglas Wheelock’s 30 Coolest Twitpics of Earth from Space


The photo you're looking at above is of New York City.

plane crash

Fighter Jet Pilot Narrowly Escapes Death Using Ejection Seat, Parachute


  The above photo was taken moments before Captain Brian Bews's CF-18 fighter jet crashed to the ground during a practice flight today.

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