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8th Grader Throws Down Two Nasty Dunks Then Probably Ate a Lunchables Or Something

Ladarius Marshall is an eighth grade basketball star and future NBA legend and only one of those things is true. […]

Dwyane Wade’s No-look Alley-Oop to LeBron James Was Sick

The Miami Heat beat the Blazers last night 107 - 93. The highlight, though, easily came in the first quarter when Dwyane Wade

Watch USC Football Recruit Nelson Agholor Throw Down an Epic Dunk on a Defender

This is Nelson Agholor, a senior at Berkley Prep in Tampa who will play for Lane Kiffin this fall. Judging by this epic

Watch This Sick High School Alley-Oop Dunk Over a Defender

Here's one of the most exciting high school basketball plays you'll see this week.  This is 6'2" Arizona Wildcats commit Gabe York --

Watch Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow Destroy OSU’s Jared Sullinger with a Huge Dunk

That man you see flying through the air over Ohio State's Jared Sullinger is Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow, who destroyed him with a posterizing

VIDEO: Blake Griffin and John Wall Connect on Alley-Oop Bounce-Pass Dunk; Plus, All of Blake’s Dunks

Is there anything half as interesting about this year's NBA All-Star Game as the debut of Blake Griffin? Is anyone actually going to the weekend

VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Monster Alley-Oop Dunk on the Nuggets from Last Night

Basketball fans everywhere are hyperventialiting this morning over Blake Griffin's monster alley-oop dunk via Baron Davis in last night's game against the Nuggets. Wanna see