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Turns Out Amanda Bynes Actually Got Her Shit Together

There was a time, way back in the summer of 2013, where things were looking rather grim for Amanda Bynes.

Amanda Bynes Posted Some Lovely Pictures of Her Butt Last Night

She's looking *good* again.

More Proof That Amanda Bynes Is Hot Again, Chillin’ In a Bikini In Cabo

Bynes is back! Bynes is back! As a reminder for what she used to look like, I'll just leave this picture of her selfies from

Holy Shit, You Guys: Amanda Bynes IS BACK and Looks HOT Again

Amanda Bynes recently shared a pic on Twitter and -- you're never going to believe this -- she actually looks pretty damn hot again. BYNES

Amanda Bynes Tweets That Drake Looks Like He Has Down Syndrome, Immediately Deletes Tweet

What happend to all that "I Want Drake to Murder My Vagina" talk?

Amanda Bynes Texts Her Publicist Friend Telling Him Her Meltdown is Nothing More Than an ACT

It looks as though our National NIGHTMARE is coming to a close. Because according to Amanda Bynes, Amanda Bynes is really just pulling a much

It’s Time to Stop Giving a Sh*t About Amanda Bynes: A PSA

Guys... It's time to start shutting up and stop giving a shit about Amanda Bynes. She is NOT the certain of the universe. There are

Top 10 Celebrity Downfalls of All Time

I don’t do mainstream media. Not because I’m one of those conspiracy theorist wackjobs, but because it’s boring. Every time you

Amanda Bynes Tweeted Rihanna This Weekend: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

Many media outlets—ahem—took a break this weekend from non-stop, round-the-clock reportage on the childhood-ruining antics of Amanda Bynes. For good reason: At a certain point,

The Amanda Bynes Mugshot the World’s Been Waiting For

And now, the moment the world's been waiting for since Amanda Bynes was arrested for throwing her bong out of her New York City apartment

A Video of Amanda Bynes Under Arrest By NYPD

What a weird way to start Memorial Day Weekend. Now we learn that Amanda Bynes was also arrested for marijuana possesion, in addtion to charges

Amanda Bynes Arrested In New York City for Allegedly Throwing a Bong Out of a Window

Uh-oh. Welcome to a new weird twist in The Amanda Show. According to reports by the New York Post and NBC New York, Amanda Bynes

Guess Why Amanda Bynes Struck a Plea Deal?

A new chapter in The Amanda Show begins...

A Completely Baffling Video of Amanda Bynes Allegedly Working Out At The Gym

A candid video of America's favorite hot mess, Amanda Bynes, allegedly working out at a gym in New York City is now going viral on Facebook.

Amanda Bynes Allegedly Got a Visit By the NYPD After Posting Topless Photo on Twitter

The daily saga that's become The Amanda Show just got very weird and very dark. After post a nude selfie on Twitter and causing an

Welp, Game Over, Internet: Amanda Bynes Posts a Topless, Nude Selfie to Twitter

Well, you knew deep down this was going to eventually happen. Earlier today it was a selfie with cleveage galore and telling InStyle "I wanted to look

Amanda Bynes Has a New Haircut, Ya’ll

What do you think of the new Amanda Bynes, you guys?

This Video of Amanda Bynes ‘Twerking Out’ Makes Us Very Worried About Amanda Bynes

The weirdness that is Amanda Bynes' alleged -- though suspciously unverifyed -- Twitter account continues to get weirder and wackier. The whole Tweet about Drake

Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to ‘Murder Her Vagina’

Amanda Bynes seems like a woman on the fast track to success. And, hey look: she’s not afraid to tell you what she really wants