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This Vine of Allen Iverson Outsmarting Dwight Howard Will Never Get Old

Artificial intelligence.

What Year is This: Allen Iverson and Shawn Kemp Star in Reebok Commercial


Like a Boss, Action Bronson Recorded a Track Over Allen Iverson’s Legendary ‘Practice’ Rant

Rap's chef is back with an extra tight new track off Blue Chips Pt. 2. project. Awesomely, it uses Allen Iverson's legendary "Practice" rant, which just

Gary Payton Claims Responsibility for Allen Iverson’s Infamous ‘Practice’ Rant

The Glove, with a major, major admission. Fresh off the news that AI is officially retiring from basketball, professional basketball thief and Fox Sports Live talking head

Get in Some Old-School Brain ‘Practice’ with This Highly Challenging Allen Iverson Crossword Puzzle

Yep. We talkin' bout a crossword puzzle. 

The New York Times Gives Us ‘The History of the Cross-Over’

If you're a hoops fan, you'll appreciate the New York Times' fantastic feature on 'The History of the Cross-Over.' The video is one-part dissecting the