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CBS News Congratulated Deceased Actor Michael Jeter on His Last All-Star Game

What a career.

Classy Derek Jeter Gets Classy Moment at All-Star Game, Is Classiest in His Class

Classy guy.

Yasiel Puig Turned in the Worst — And Fastest — Home Run Derby Performance of All Time

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Watch Every One of Kyrie Irving’s 31 Points and 14 Assists in Last Night’s All-Star Game

At last night’s All-Star Game, the East and West teams combined for an understated 318 points. (The average NBA over/under […]

Mariano Rivera Takes Mound Alone in Magical All-Star Game Moment

Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless inning for a hold in his last All-Star Game last night. He also gave us one of the most memorable

The Epic Twitter Saga of the Guy Who Ran on the Field During the MLB All-Star Game After 1000 Tweets

Look what social media made this recent high school graduate do at the All-Star Game. You know, because #YOLO. Rocking a Robinson Cano #24 t-shirt, Dylan

Yoenis Cespedes Wins Home Run Derby By Hitting Trucks and Performing Cocky Bat Flips

Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes put on a show in Queens last night to win the annual Home Run Derby. He hit 17 home runs

Here are Jose Canseco’s Old Milwaukee Ads That Aired in Kansas City During the Homerun Derby

Jose Canseco is slowly becoming a poor man's Mike Tyson; a pariah trying to transform into a lovable parody of his former self. Well, he's

2012 MLB All-Star Rosters Announced

The MLB has announced the AL and NL squads for the league's 83rd All-Star game, which will be held on July 10th at Kauffman Stadium

It Wouldn’t be NBA All Star Weekend Without a Machete Fight

Something about NBA All-Star Weekend just brings out the best in people. Remember last year's cat fight outside L.A.'s downtown W Hotel? This

Guy Rants About Derek Jeter Not Playing in the All-Star Game

Derek Jeter has decided to sit out of the All-Star game. Who gives a sh*t, right? After all these years, he's earned that

Fan Manages to Save Beer While Diving Into a Pool of Chicks to Catch Adrian Gonzalez’s Home Run

Like a boss, indeed. Bro move of the week? Of the month? Year? Something scripted from a Bud Light commercial? Whatever the case, we are

Watch This Kid Turn on the After-Burners to Make a Diving Grab in the Home Run Derby

Robinson Cano won last night's Home Run Derby, defeating Boston's Adrian Gonzalez 12-11 in the finals. All things considered, Cano blasted 32 home runs that

This is Kate Upton in a Softball Uniform

Last night Kate Upton, Erin Andrews, Jordin Sparks, and Jennie Finch got together with other celebrities and baseball legends for the annual 2011 All-Star Legends

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Dunks Over a Car

Spike Lee losing his shit? Check. Gospel choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly"? Double check. Baron Davis assisting rookie sensation Blake Griffin with a

Did Blake Griffin Deserve a Spot on the Western Conference All-Star Team?

The reserve squads for the NBA All-Star teams were announced and the big controversy isn't that the Celtics landed four players on the Eastern team,

What the NHL Should Keep and Fix of the New All-Star Weekend Format

The NHL All-Star Game has been through its share of different formats. Originally, the game was played as a matchup between the previous season’s Stanley