Something Massive Exploded In The Sky Over Russia And Obviously It’s A UFO


Something very large exploded in the night's sky over the Sverdlovsk region of Russia and was caught on dash cam (because everyone in Russia has a dash cam).


Is This A 10-Minute Video Of An Actual UFO?


A cruise ship passenger took a 10-minute video of what appears to be an actual UFO hovering over the ship as they were somewhere off of Florida.


An Astronaut Talks About a UFO Sighting He Had in Space


An astronaut thinks he might have seen a UFO when he was aboard the ISS.

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Humans Will Know If Aliens Exist By 2040 Says Smart Guy


If humans are willing to wait about twenty-five years, we might get our answer to the question “Does life exist on other planets.


These are whole movies shoved into one seizure-inducing GIF


For some reason, a growing GIF trend is turning entire movies (ENTIRE ENTIRE) into a GIF.

The History Of Future Folk video

‘The History Of Future Folk’ trailer has aliens and banjos


Finally, a sci-fi movie that isn't about how we're all going to die.

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7 people who claimed to be aliens


Most people these days believe in aliens.

william shatner

9 famous people who claim to have seen aliens


All types of people claim to have seen UFO’s – from poor people who claim that E.

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