Is This A 10-Minute Video Of An Actual UFO?


A cruise ship passenger took a 10-minute video of what appears to be an actual UFO hovering over the ship as they were somewhere off of Florida.


An Astronaut Talks About a UFO Sighting He Had in Space


An astronaut thinks he might have seen a UFO when he was aboard the ISS.

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Humans Will Know If Aliens Exist By 2040 Says Smart Guy


If humans are willing to wait about twenty-five years, we might get our answer to the question “Does life exist on other planets.


These are whole movies shoved into one seizure-inducing GIF


For some reason, a growing GIF trend is turning entire movies (ENTIRE ENTIRE) into a GIF.

The History Of Future Folk video

‘The History Of Future Folk’ trailer has aliens and banjos


Finally, a sci-fi movie that isn't about how we're all going to die.

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7 people who claimed to be aliens


Most people these days believe in aliens.

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9 famous people who claim to have seen aliens


All types of people claim to have seen UFO’s – from poor people who claim that E.


Pax Prime 2012 in a nutshell, part two


Time to pick up where we left off last time; here's the rest of the best that PAX Prime had to offer this year.

Will Smith

Aliens behind the scenes in ‘Men In Black 3′


Remember when awesome dudes made crazy makeup for aliens, instead of computers.

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