the rock

The New Trailer For ‘San Andreas’ Has The Rock And Alexandra Daddario So You Are Required To Watch It


The Rock flying a helicopter as the San Andreas fault threatens to lop California off into the Pacific Ocean plus True Detective superstar Alexandra Daddario as his daughter.

alexandria daddario

Alexandra Daddario Is White Hot And Sweaty In A Sizzling New Shoot For ‘GQ’


Alexandra Daddario burst on to the scene, almost literally, with her epic nude scene in True Detective that had male mouths agape in sheer wonderment earlier this year.

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This Hot Alexandra Daddario GIF Will Make Your Day So Much Better


In True Detective, Marty Hart's sidepiece Alexandra Daddario blessed the world with one of the hottest premium cable scenes in premium cable history.

Who would you rather

Who Would You Rather: Alexandra Daddario or Olivia Wilde?


In tonight's Who Would You Rather we have Alexandra Daddario and Olivia Wilde.


Alexandra Daddario got kinda naked again for a hot new photo shoot


For over two years we proclaimed Alexandria Daddario one of the most underrated women (and hotties) on the planet.

true detective

Alexandra Daddario Had the Greatest Response Ever to President Obama Watching ‘True Detective’


A few weeks ago True Detective's Alexandra Daddario dropped on an unsuspecting world the greatest nude scene in television history.

women to watch

50 fascinating women to watch in 2014


With a month now in the books we've had time to digest and assess several things about 2014 and one of those things is which famous women we need to keep a sharp eye on in 2014.

Who would you rather

Who would you rather: Scarlett Johansson or Alexandra Daddario?


Scarlett Johansson beat Hannah Davis quite soundly in last night's Who Would You Rather.

Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

23 reasons why Alexandra Daddario is the sexiest woman in GIF


Everyone's talking about Alexandra Daddario and her performance on this week's episode of True Detective.

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