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Guy on ‘Jeopardy’ Didn’t Know Final Jeopardy Answer, But He Went Down In Flames Like a True Champion

I would have gone out the same way.

Man Does Horrible Impression on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek Tells Him to STFU

This impression sucks. If you are gonna go on Jeopardy and try and show off, that's your prerogative. But don't try to mimic Bane when

‘Jeopardy’ Had a Rapping Category Last Week Which Caused Alex Trebek to Have to Rap, Awesomely

MC Trebek with the hustle and the flow. Killin' it. Killin' it. 

Alex Trebek Tears Achilles Tendon Chasing a Burglar; Is Kind of a Bad$$

Earlier today everyone's favorite 72-year-old game show host was in the San Francisco Bay Area to host the National Geographic World Championship event