frank caliendo

Frank Caliendo Read Alex Rodriguez’s Apology Letter As Morgan Freeman


In 2015, a story isn't officially important until comedian Frank Caliendo uses it as an excuse to bust out an impression on a sports program.


The 10 Most Overrated Athletes Of The Past 25 Years


None of us want to admit it, but deep down in the cockles of our hearts, we know that there have been tons of athletes who have been overrated.


Tony Romo And The Dallas Cowboys Almost Ran Over Alex Rodriguez


Alex Rodriguez is on a magical football tour this fall, hitting up all the big games to meet his adoring and widespread fan base.

Alex Rodriguez

Recent A-Rod Photos Proves Someone Needs To Hand Him a 162 Day Ban On Buffets


A-Rod was nice enough to stop and take a fan pic recently because seriously what else does he have to do all day.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert is Alex Rodriguez’s Biggest—And Possibly Only—Fan


It's tough to find anyone on the planet who will defend Alex Rodriguez on the record.


Jose Canseco Responds To A-Rod Suspension In the Most Jose Canseco Way Possible


Jose Canseco, the man responsible for bringing steroids to every baseball lockerroom ever (let’s pretend he’s the main culprit), decided to console his fallen comrade Alex Rodriguez after word hit this morning his suspension would be reduced to just all of next season.

Nelson Mandela

Detroit news station confuses Nelson Mandela with A-Rod, is stupidest station ever


Nelson Mandela is possibly the greatest political figure of our generation.

News bloopers

Detroit Television Station Remembers Nelson Mandela With Alex Rodriguez Graphic


Nelson Mandela’s death is understandably dominating the news cycle.


A-Rod Gave a Must-Watch Interview to Mike Francesa Today


We're writing today about Mike Francesa, and it's not because he spilled his Diet Coke while hanging up on a caller amid cleaning up the gah-bage on his desk—but because he managed to land maybe the biggest interview in sports: A-Rod, right after he stormed out of an arbitration hearing this morning.

performance enhancing drugs

A-Rod Storms Out of Own Grievance Hearing, Which Is the ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For


Well, A-Rod was in the midst of a grievance hearing today about his 211-game suspension until.

Alex Rodriguez

In defense of A-Rod getting hookers


We all agree that A-Rod is a giant douchebag right.

Ryan Braun

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Ratted Out Ryan Braun, Other Players in Doping Investigation


Just when you think Alex Rodriguez can’t stoop any lower, he goes and does something like this and totally proves you wrong.

Alex Rodriguez video

Alex Rodriguez is ‘the best around’ says hilarious montage


This Alex Rodriguez lowlight reel is set to Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around.

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