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A-Rod Likes to Jack Off to Skype Sessions of Famous Musicians Getting Head

This is known as a "fetish."

Recent A-Rod Photos Proves Someone Needs To Hand Him a 162 Day Ban On Buffets

A-Rod was nice enough to stop and take a fan pic recently because seriously what else does he have to do all day? Looks like

Stephen Colbert is Alex Rodriguez’s Biggest—And Possibly Only—Fan

It's tough to find anyone on the planet who will defend Alex Rodriguez on the record. The embattled slugger is a full-fledged pariah.

Jose Canseco Responds To A-Rod Suspension In the Most Jose Canseco Way Possible

Jose Canseco, the man responsible for bringing steroids to every baseball lockerroom ever (let’s pretend he’s the main culprit), decided to console his fallen comrade

Detroit Television Station Remembers Nelson Mandela With Alex Rodriguez Graphic

Nelson Mandela’s death is understandably dominating the news cycle. He cemented his legacy as one of history’s most influential political figures long, long ago. As

A-Rod Gave a Must-Watch Interview to Mike Francesa Today

We're writing today about Mike Francesa, and it's not because he spilled his Diet Coke while hanging up on a caller amid cleaning up the gah-bage

A-Rod Storms Out of Own Grievance Hearing, Which Is the ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

Well, A-Rod was in the midst of a grievance hearing today about his 211-game suspension until... he left. 

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Ratted Out Ryan Braun, Other Players in Doping Investigation

Just when you think Alex Rodriguez can’t stoop any lower, he goes and does something like this and totally proves you wrong.

Alex Rodriguez Got Booed Like a Wrestling Villain

To everyone’s surprise, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t welcomed back with open arms as he made his season debut last night in Chicago. Currently appealing an unprecedented

If You’re Scoring at Home, It Will be a 214-Game Suspension for Alex Rodriguez

Home run and centaur enthusiast Alex Rodriguez will be suspended 214 games by Major League Baseball for his involvement in the icky Biogenesis business. He

Brian Cashman: Alex Rodriguez ‘Should Shut the F*ck Up’

Last night, Alex Rodriguez proved he didn’t need to be anywhere near the New York Yankees to cause headaches for the organization.

Alex Rodriguez Needs Surgery, Will Miss Significant Time

The left side of the New York Yankees’ infield is broken. And old. And rich.

10 Pictures and Video of Kyna Treacy, the Australian Bikini Model A-Rod Hit on Mid-Game

New York fans have been in a tizzy the past couple of days over Alex Rodriguez's decision to flirt with two girls sitting behind the

Alex Rodriguez Found Time to Flirt With Some Ladies While Losing Game 1 of the ALCS

Alex Rodriguez yet again finds some unflattering words about him in today’s New York Post. If you’re keeping score at home, that dubious streak is

New York Yankees, Oakland A’s Pull Off Wild Comebacks; Which One Was Better?

Last night’s baseball was just stupidly good.

ESPN Decides That Its ‘KKK-Rod’ Headline Probably Wasn’t a Hot Idea

Look, I would never call myself an Alex Rodriguez fan. That's why, when I wrote this post, I chose to include the picture of him

Check Out A-Rods New, $24 Million Miami Mansion

Buried in the headlines of football and football and more football last week, we missed this gossip page item about A-Rod's new, very

MLB to Investigate A-Rod for Involvement in Violent Illegal Poker Games

Well it's that time of year again, where in the middle of the baseball season Alex Rodriguez gets himself embroiled in a tumultuous scandal that

Did A-Rod and Cameron Diaz Have a Ménage à Trois in Paris With Tara Reid?

One gossip blog seems to think so.