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5 Common Misconceptions About Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important elements of getting (and staying) fit and healthy. Unfortunately, it’s also a topic jam-packed full of myths, misconceptions

A Guide to Lean Gains in 2014

At the start of every New Year, two things happen.

1. Your gym is overrun by the latest generation of fitness idiots, fuelled by the mighty

4 Tips to Help You Get Ripped By Spring Break

It’s December. It’s dark and cold, and there are snow drifts building up outside your window. There’s a glass of eggnog in your hand, a

5 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Actually Stick

With the Holiday Season drawing to a close (I’m sorry guys, but it is), it’s time to look forward to 2014. With a whole year

8 Holiday Strategies to Keep You from Getting Morbidly Obese

Bodybuilding and Christmas, fitness and the holiday season – words that don’t play nice together. For any serious health and fitness fanatic, Thanksgiving and Christmas

10 New Fitness Studies With Conclusions That May Shock You

Alex Nerney here. My favorite study is how they concluded that female porn stars are happier than regular women. Solid science here and it will

Healthy Food Shopping Guide for Bros on a Budget

I am not a chef. In fact, I am about as much of a chef as Honey boo-boo is a registered dietitian. What I do

Two Healthy and Cheap Smoothies Designed For College Students

At college, food is hard work. As well as buying ingredients in the first place, you actually have to try and combine them together into

“To Bulk First or Cut First, That Is the Question” - Shakespeare

Like Good and Evil, Ying and Yang, the health and fitness world is polarized by two opposite forces, always competing for your undivided attention –

8 Funny and Effective Ways to Stay Motivated for the Gym

Working out is hard work, and the desire to lapse into a Dominos-fuelled coma and forget weights even exist is a tempting prospect for many—but

10 Amusingly True Things About ‘Overly Fit Bros’

You wake up at 6:30 a.m., down a protein shake, snort a pre-workout supplement and sprint the 5 miles to the gym—where you blast your delts,

The Scientific Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

Most of the following studies were done using an EMG machine. It should be noted that some of the studies were conducted using single person

10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Weightlifting

It's that time again. That glorious time when I impart wisdom on fitness through lists and well timed penis jokes. Just a step away from

The 10 Steps to How I Made $35 an Hour in College

Normally, my articles specialize in fitness related topics. Fit-in-this-dick related topics! WWWOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!

The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Last week, I did an article on the 10 reasons you should try intermittent fasting. This week, we will focus on a simple

Intermittent Fasting is the SHIT, 10 Reasons Why You Should To Try It

Intermittent Fasting; what's with all the hype?

Skinny to Shredded: Eric’s Incredible 4 Year Transformation

Occasionally, I scroll through Facebook and see things other than awesome BroBible articles. On this particular day, I saw the picture you see above and

The Truth About Steroids and Other Things Fitness Professionals Lie to You About

Someone who has chosen to train people to look good as a PROFESSION, might be a slight indicator to the type

10 Nutrition Myths Guys Need to Stop Following

Everyone has his or her own beliefs. Some people believe in matter and the transitive property of logic. Others believe

A Skinny’s Guy’s 8-Step Guide To Building Mass

If you're anything like myself, your body naturally looks like it was built using K'Nex. It can be frustrating as hell,

6 Fitness Apps You Should Download, TODAY

Phone applications serve many purposes, but it's scientific fact that the majority of their usage comes from procrastination and weakly attempting

Do Diet Sodas and Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat?

We all know that cokes and sugars will make your body about as appealing as humping Paula Deen's back fat… but

Fitness Tricks Based on Your Natural Body Type

Did you get genetically fucked by your parents or can anybody build a herculean type body? Let's find out. 

To Crossfit or Not to Crossfit?: A Certified Trainer’s 3 Month Experiment

"Oh Crossfit?- I've never heard of that." - Nobody ever

7 Ways To Improve Your Bench Max

Today is Monday. If you’re a red blooded American male that can mean only one thing: today, is chest day. And

How to Get Killer Washboard Abs, Bro

Welcome to Abdomogeddon. Here we can finally accomplish the goal of getting you a washboard that that is so fucking shredded,

10 Common Mistakes At The Gym

Dom has a rookie mistakes video, Tatro has a gym etiquette video. So, why not beat a dead horse till