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The Drinking Life Cycles of Every Bro

The booze phases every bro goes through.

Nevermind Guys! Four Loko is Here to Stay

We were wrong.

Pour One Out For Four Loko, Which Is Officially Ending Production

It's the end of a gasoline-tasting, false advertising era.

A Bro Got Drunk For Seven Straight Days to Test Hangover Cures

Not a bad gig, if you can find it.

10 BAC-Increasing Facts You Didn’t Know About Vodka

As clear as the purest stream and as powerful as Thor's hammer, vodka is a sexy two-headed beast that can show you ecstacy, make you

Oregon Couple (Amazingly, Not on Meth) Uses Homemade Moonshie to Set Fire to Pizzeria That Kicked Them Out

Score one for the alcohol is the worst drug crowd.

10 Insane Boozed Up Facts You Didn’t Know About Whiskey

Whiskey or death, AMIRIGHT?

The Perks of Embracing the Flask-Carrying Lifestyle

Outsiders may find your choice depressing, but the anti-portable-booze agendas of Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, or any dissenting friends or [...]

29 Myth About Booze Disproved By the Hilarious Hannah Hart of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

The host of the hysterical My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Hart, teamed up with Mental Floss to dispel common myths about [...]

6 Liver-Sizzling Facts You Didn’t Know About Tequila

A sturdy friend to bros for hundreds of years, Tequila is like rocket-fuel for the brain. It demands respect. One cannot underestimate it's might! It

6 Liver-Sizzling Facts You Didn’t Know About Tequila

A sturdy friend to bros for hundreds of years, Tequila is like rocket-fuel for the brain. It demands respect. One cannot underestimate it's might! It

5 Ways to Sneak Alcohol Anywhere

Booze is inexpensive when you’re buying it at the liquor store or sucking it out of your neighbor’s carpet. Alcoholism is a fun hobby, and

26 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Like, DID YOU KNOW: Despite its rich flavor, 12 ounces of Guiness is just 176 calories? And... that's it relatively low in alcohol?

New Study Says College Women Still Use Condoms, Even When Drunk and High

If you are a college dude thinking that maybe getting the girl you are with extra drunk in hopes she will let you hit it

How to Stock a Bar: Tips From the World’s Best Bartender

Today marks the 80-year anniversary of the end of Prohibition, that wretched time in America when, for 13 years, people weren't allowed to drink. Imagine

How to Drink Like a MAN This Winter

It would be like a Hanukkah sans menorah, a Christmas without Santa, or a Kwanzaa with no Black Santa. (I assume.) Frankly, a hard winter without

Girl Killed By Driver Who Tweeted ‘2 Drunk 2 Care’ Earlier in Evening

Kaila Mendoza is accused of driving the wrong way down a highway in Coral Springs, Florida and slamming into a Toyota Corolla, killing the driver. 

Are You Ready for Alcohol Without Hangovers?

Scientists say alcohol is "toxic" and particularly "corroding" to the liver, heart and brain, which is why you feel like a "bag of smashed assholes"

PBR2-D2 is the Best ‘Star Wars,’ Booze Mashup Ever

From the Instagram account of The Washington Post's nightlife reporter comes this gem. 

Here’s Guy Fieri Drunkenly Kicking His Hairdresser

Boy. It has been some week for Guy Fieri. 

Drunken States of America: The Best Alcohol Facts of Every State

Did you know that North Carolina likes Appletinis more than any other state or that Louisiana is #1 in drunk tweets? 

Caffeinated Alcoholics Rejoice! Coffee Prevents Liver Cancer

In good news for those of us who roll out of bed hungover on a Wednesday and slam coffee to get through the day, we may

Just Another Day at the Liquor Store, When All the Sudden…. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most heartbreaking video of alcohol abuse I've ever watched. I almost feel like it should be accompanied by Sarah McLachlan song just for

The 5 Stages to You Go Through Before Blacking Out

Every weekend for me it's the same schedule, eat carbs around 5, shower around 7, start getting dressed by 8 and start drinking around 9:30.

4 All-Time Best Depictions of Booze in Rap Music

Recently Boston University and Johns Hopkins teamed up to see which types of booze were mentioned most in pop songs over the past few

How to Discreetly Vomit at Work After a Night of Hard Livin’

It feels like you just passed out twenty minutes ago, but the rising sun and your alarm clock beg to differ. The inside of your

Guess What Happens When a Bro Goes Skateboarding With a Case Of Beer?

This is called alcohol abuse and it's unacceptable. 

10 Worst Places to be Hung-Over

We’ve all experienced a hangover in our lives so I will spare you the cute, little intro blurb about why it’s

5 Ways to Get Through the AGONIZING Last Months Before Turning 21

You'll never get through these last few months. You're going to drown in an anxiety-ridden pool of your own sweat and

The Only 5-Step Hangover Cure You’ll Ever Need

How many hangovers did you have this weekend? Two? If you're anything like me, you had two. And that’s pretty much

Beer Makers Furiously Tinkering with Can Technology

Extended lips. Hourglass ridges. Vents under the tab. Double-vented wide mouths. Punch tops. 

10 Really Weird Hangover Cures

"How to cure a hangover?" is an age old question. One that plenty of people look up each day as they try to pull their

Watch a Dude Take 40 Shots of Jager, and Presumably Live to Tell The Tale

After extensive re-watching, we don't think each shot consists of ALL Jager. But even if they're diluted, this is still a disgustingly fascinating drinking achievement.

Science! Explains How Hangovers Actually Work, Reveals the One Cure

We've all used this cure. Pretty much all of us hate it, though. 

New Jersey Government’s ‘Operation Swill’ Does God’s Work, Finds Bars Selling Cheap Booze as Premium

Say you're posted up at your local TGI Friday's bar, because sometimes people drink there and we're not judging. You order a Grey Goose on

The 4 Most Preposterous Ways to Get Drunk

Think you know how to party? You know nothing.

8 Drinking Tips Every Fitness Bro Should Know

Let's be honest, you're not giving up alcohol. Alcohol has the magical ability to make you feel invincible and improve your game to really, really,

iPourIt Might Revolutionize How You Get Sh*tfaced

No more waiting behind a crowd of people to get a drink at a bar? 

Bro’s Guide to Buying Wine on Dates

My dad knows a fuck load about wine. He could lecture you and me on tannins and grape varietals and the importance of weather temps

Dom Mazzetti vs. The Pros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol While Trying to Get in Shape

Drinking booze is a common activity in most Bros' lives. Giving it up for the mere sake of fitness is always a tough decision. Is