bad idea

Bouncer Knocks Out Drunk Dude Cold In One Mighty Bitch Slap


Alcohol is awesome because it gives us the courage to approach the hot girl at the bar or to go ziplining in a jungle in Belize despite the craftsmanship on the cable system seeming very shoddy and unkempt.

alcohol taxes

A Couple Of Congressmen We Now Love Want To Cut Alcohol Taxes By 80 Percent


A couple of congressman want to lower federal alcohol taxes.

powdered alcohol

Here’s Why Powdered Alcohol Is No Big Deal


Powdered alcohol has caused an Internet shit-storm over the last few months.

taco bell

Live Más! The Booze At Taco Bell Will Be Coronas And ‘Twisted Freezes’ With Vodka, Tequila, And Rum


The Internet collectively lost its bananas last week when the news broke that Taco Bell in Chicago was applying for a liquor license.

Spring Break 2016

Panama City Beach Has Banned All Alcohol On The Beach During Spring Break 2016 Because They Hate Fun

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Late last night the City Council of Panama City Beach voted unanimously on a motion that's been talked about and threatened for years: to ban all alcohol on the beach during spring break.


This Veteran’s Koozie Company Is So Bro-Tastic That There’s A ‘Walking Dead’ Parody About It

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A few weeks ago I told you about The Boozie, a koozie that straps on your belt like a gun holster.


‘Entourage’ Fans Will Love Seeing Johnny Drama’s Dreams Finally Come True


In the warped world of Entourage, the younger Vinny Chase is a bigger Hollywood star than Johnny Drama, even with the success of Five Towns.


Florida Grandma In A Bikini Totals BMW, Gets A DUI With 10-Year-Old Grandson Riding Shotgun

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Patricia Ebel, a 49-year-old from Naples, Florida, racked up a DUI charge after she slammed her BMW into the rear of another car stopped at a red light while on the way home from a day of drinking at a local pool.


Vermont Legislators Propose Alcohol Prohibition If Weed Isn’t Legalized ASAP


Two Vermont legislators have proposed a bill that will effectively bring back 1920's style prohibition laws in their state, aiming to use it as an ultimatum for weed to be legalized.

Working out

Finally, Someone Invented A Beer Mug That Gives You An Arm Workout While You Drink


No excuses to not swole up those forearms next time you want to do a little day drinking.


Is The ‘Baby Flask’ A GAMECHANGER For Drinking Booze At Sports Events?


People will go to insane lengths to conceal their booze to save a couple bucks at a sporting event.

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