Florida Grandma In A Bikini Totals BMW, Gets A DUI With 10-Year-Old Grandson Riding Shotgun

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Patricia Ebel, a 49-year-old from Naples, Florida, racked up a DUI charge after she slammed her BMW into the rear of another car stopped at a red light while on the way home from a day of drinking at a local pool.


Vermont Legislators Propose Alcohol Prohibition If Weed Isn’t Legalized ASAP


Two Vermont legislators have proposed a bill that will effectively bring back 1920's style prohibition laws in their state, aiming to use it as an ultimatum for weed to be legalized.

Working out

Finally, Someone Invented A Beer Mug That Gives You An Arm Workout While You Drink


No excuses to not swole up those forearms next time you want to do a little day drinking.


Is The ‘Baby Flask’ A GAMECHANGER For Drinking Booze At Sports Events?


People will go to insane lengths to conceal their booze to save a couple bucks at a sporting event.


5 Ways To Stop Drinking Like A Freshman And Get Your Shit Together


Everyone will, at some point in their boozing career, drink like a college freshman.


This Machine Is The Keurig Of Jell-O Shots And It’s About To Revolutionize Drinking

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The Jevo is a 'pod' machine similar to the popular Keurig coffee maker, only it's capable of making 20 Jell-O shots in only 10 minutes.

vices in movies

Which Movies Have The Most Mentions of Weed, Alcohol And Gambling? These Movies Do


Think you know which movies have the most mentions of weed, alcohol and gambling.


These Countries Drink The Most Booze In The World And America Barely Cracked The Top 10


Listen up my American Bros: we need to start drinking a lot more booze, because we're getting outdrank (per capita) by eight other countries across the globe.


Knig Of Bears? 40% Of Americans Can’t Even Spell ‘Budweiser’ Correctly

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Hey Budweiser, can you truly call yourself the 'King of Beers' when a reported 40% of Americans cannot even spell your name correctly.

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