This Veteran’s Koozie Company Is So Bro-Tastic That There’s A ‘Walking Dead’ Parody About It

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A few weeks ago I told you about The Boozie, a koozie that straps on your belt like a gun holster.


‘Entourage’ Fans Will Love Seeing Johnny Drama’s Dreams Finally Come True


In the warped world of Entourage, the younger Vinny Chase is a bigger Hollywood star than Johnny Drama, even with the success of Five Towns.


Florida Grandma In A Bikini Totals BMW, Gets A DUI With 10-Year-Old Grandson Riding Shotgun

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Patricia Ebel, a 49-year-old from Naples, Florida, racked up a DUI charge after she slammed her BMW into the rear of another car stopped at a red light while on the way home from a day of drinking at a local pool.


Vermont Legislators Propose Alcohol Prohibition If Weed Isn’t Legalized ASAP


Two Vermont legislators have proposed a bill that will effectively bring back 1920's style prohibition laws in their state, aiming to use it as an ultimatum for weed to be legalized.

Working out

Finally, Someone Invented A Beer Mug That Gives You An Arm Workout While You Drink


No excuses to not swole up those forearms next time you want to do a little day drinking.


Is The ‘Baby Flask’ A GAMECHANGER For Drinking Booze At Sports Events?


People will go to insane lengths to conceal their booze to save a couple bucks at a sporting event.


5 Ways To Stop Drinking Like A Freshman And Get Your Shit Together


Everyone will, at some point in their boozing career, drink like a college freshman.

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