wild alaskan strip club

Floating Strip Club In Deep Shit After Dumping Human Waste In Harbor


Before we jump into the human feces facet of the intriguing story, let's not hastily breeze past the fact that some entrepreneurial individual put a strip club on a boat.

alaska legalization

Alaska Just Became The Third State To Legalize Marijuana


Remember back in September there was that Alaskan newscaster who quit her job to dedicate her time to making weed legal in her state.


This Bald Eagle Has Balls The Size Of Chuck Norris


When humans are around the majestic bald eagle is NOT the apex predator, and apparently someone forgot to pass that message along to this bird in particular.

News bloopers

‘Fuck It, I Quit': News Reporter Quits On-Air After Outing Herself As The Founder Of The Alaska Cannabis Club


In the middle of a segment about legalizing marijuana, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene outed herself as the founder and owner of Alaska's Cannabis Club.


‘Learn to Goddamn Drive, You F*cking Muslim': Angry Lady Caught on Video Might Be Just a Touuuuuuch Racist


This video was taken on the side of a highway in Alaska after and almost-accident.

bear baseball game

A baseball game in Alaska was stopped because a bear wandered onto the field


A baseball game in Juneau, Alaska was briefly delayed when a bear made its way to the outfield fence and hung out and opened a picnic basket and had lunch and ok, maybe I made some of that up.

taco bell truck

Taco Bell now delivering via helicopters


Taco Bell can be tough to come by in Alaska.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Comes Up Huge for Tiny Alaskan Town


While the nation's sewers continue their prolonged bowel movements, Doritos Locos Tacos continue to be all the rage.

TV shows

‘There’s Nothing Coddling About Crabfishing’: Tales from the Bering Sea with Capt. Keith Colburn


"I have something to say to all your frat 'Bros' who think they can come up to Alaska and fish for crab: Sit down and have another beer.

water sports

Wakeboarding In Alaska Looks Cold and Awesome


I can't imagine anything more exhilarating -- and chilly -- than shredding the cold, cerulean waters of an Alaskan ice field.

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