teacher student sex scandals

Alabama High School Teacher Arrested After Having Allegedly Having Sex With Two Students


Ashley Nelson Hall, a 33-year-old English teacher who is currently on administrative leave, was recently arrested for allegedly having sex with two students at Opp High School in Opp, Alabama.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss Fan Says Team’s Huge Upset Win Over Alabama Last Year Got Her Knocked Up


Ole Miss fan Heather Callihan is admitting that the Rebels's major upset win over Alabama last season is the main reason she got knocked up.


Old Man Wearing A Canadian Tuxedo And John Deere Hat Pulls A Big Ass Bass Outta The Water With His Bare Hands


The old man you see in the video above is Robert Earl Woodard, an author from backwoods Alabama who in addition to being a huge Auburn Tigers fan also has an affinity for rocking Canadian Tuxedos and a lucky John Deere cap.


It’s Never Too Late For Now: 80-Year-Old Man Wears His First Tuxedo, Goes To His First Prom


Last night I was falling asleep watching old '30 Rock' episodes when Season 5, Episode 15's 'It's Never Too Late For Now' came on my Netflix.

roll tide

Alabama Fan Screams ‘Roll Tide’ While Doing Some Sick Donuts On Local News


Let's check in on Alabama fans and see how they're doing now that it's the dead of winter and the college football season is a long way off.

alabama auburn fight

WILD Fight Erupts During Alabama-Auburn Women’s Basketball Game, Actual Punches Landed


The heated Alabama-Auburn rivalry never sleeps -- not even during women's basketball season.

teacher student sex scandals

This Hot Teacher Was Arrested For Having Sex With Her 18-Year-Old Student Less Than ONE YEAR After Getting Married

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Via Facebook Most teacher-student sex scandals involve some 30-and-over-year-old teacher who’s married and has 3 kids, a dog, a minivan for ferrying her spawn around to and from soccer practice and an itch in the back of her head that’s quietly screaming “You’re OLD.


Depressed Female Alabama Fan Defecates On Plant In New Orleans


It was a really, really rough night for Alabama down in New Orleans.

sugar bowl 2015

Alabama Football Father Brought To Tears When Family Gives Him Tickets To Sugar Bowl For Christmas


If your family gave you a bowl of sugar as a Christmas gift you'd probably consider them to be cheapskates or you have a sugar addiction.

Peyton Manning

Gatorade Celebrates 50 Years With Epic Commercial That Will Give You Sports Chills


Gatorade is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, and the sports drink company celebrated a few days early with this tremendous commercial.


Good Cop, Good Deeds: Officer Buys Eggs For Mom Caught Shoplifting To Feed Her Family


A mother in Tarrant, Alabama was caught trying to shoplift a dozen eggs in order to feed her family.

college gameday

Best College GameDay Signs Alabama Vs Auburn


Best College GameDay Signs Alabama vs Auburn.

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