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Alabama Fan’s Anti-Auburn Shirt Ignores All the Rules of ‘Wheel of Fortune’

I would like to buy a singular U, Pat.

Bar Patrons Yell ‘Roll Tide,’ One Sucker Punches Former LSU QB Zach Mettenberger in the Face

A bold move.

Katherine Webb Wore All of AJ McCarron’s Championship Rings

She's a handful.

Man in Alabama Pajamas Arrested on Drug Charges, Offers ‘Roll Tide’ As Defense

Alabama played host to a big drug bust early yesterday morning, and a local news team was ON THE SCENE. […]

Nick Saban Posed With the Alabama Gymnastics Team, Cracked a Grin


Male Alabama Fan Gets Belly Button Ring As Part of Iron Bowl Bet

Think you've heard the last there is to hear about last year's spectacular Iron Bowl? Think again. And the newest bit of information about the

Someone Filmed Auburn’s Band During The Tigers’ Epic Touchdown Return Against Alabama

And it is awesome. 

Nick Saban Dances, Lane Kiffin Sings at Alabama Recruiting Party

Nick Saban doesn't look like a guy who dances, but Nick Saban definitely dances. During a recruiting event at his home over the weekend, the

Alabama MILF Who Went Batshit On a Bunch of OU Bros Says She’d Do It Again

Remember this lady who jumped down three rows to attack a group of Oklahoma dudes at the Sugar Bowl? How could you forget her? 

This Alabama Girl Can’t Believe Alabama Is Losing to Oklahoma In the Sugar Bowl Either (GIF)

The most explanatory GIF ever. Alabama is losing to Oklahoma 31-17 at the half. This Alabama girl's facial expression at the Sugar Bowl says it

Nick Saban, Of All People, Provides a Heartwarming Photo

Alabama coach Nick Saban showed his human side during a recent trip to the Children's Hospital of New Orleans. That big contract must have made

Some Alabama Fans Named Their Child Krimson Tyde … … … …

This is a gal who is sure to come out on top in life. 

George W. Bush Wrote a Heart-Felt Letter to Alabama Kicker Cade Foster

Need yet ANOTHER reason why former President George W. Bush is THE MAN? He hand-wrote a heart-felt letter to Alabama kicker Cade Foster for missing those

I’m Shmacked x University of Alabama: Why T-Town Is the Best Damn College Town on the Planet

Tuscaloosa on a college football Saturday in the fall > anywhere else in the world. My mouth is salivating over the mere thought of Dreamland BBQ

Alabama’s Student Paper Apologies for ‘Racist’ Cartoon That Isn’t Racist

Yesterday, Alabama's student paper, the Crimson White, published the above cartoon, featuring an Auburn player running over a 'Bama defender alongside the caption "This is what happens in

An Alabama Law Firm Has Won Most Racist Advertisement of 2013

Okay, so it's not an actual contest. But if it were, we'd be amazed at McCutcheon & Hamner swooping in in early December and stealing the

Hey Alabama Dickheads: Your Football Team Losing Is No Excuse to Not Give a Waiter a Tip

Just more proof that Alabama should probably be a sovereign country with walls built around it. Eventually they'll just cannibalize each other over some stupid college

The Final Play of the 2013 Iron Bowl As Seen Through the Eyes of Tecmo Bowl

It was only the greatest ending to a game in probably the last decade. It deserves this.

Here’s the Amazing Supercut of Auburn Fan Reactions to Saturday’s Miracle Win

If you missed the Alabama-Auburn game on Saturday, you’ll likely never forgive yourself. And you shouldn’t. The game, especially the final half-hour, was the very

Katherine Webb Is a Terrible Auburn Alumn

Fact: Katherine Webb is an Auburn alumnus. Fact: Katherine Webb is Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend. But boy -- judging by this sad face she's

The Funniest Alabama-Auburn College Gameday Signs About Katherine Webb

Doesn't get too much more exciting than a 'Bama-Auburn Iron Bowl with everything on the line. ESPN's College Gameday is outside Jordan–Hare Stadium and, naturally, Auburn

Auburn Fans Allege Alabama Website Photoshopped Black Man’s Head on White Body

Did the University of Alabama's official website photoshop a black guy's head onto a white man's body? That's the buzz, as they say. Clay Travis' Outkick the

Referee Rocking Playboy Bunny Tattoo is My Favorite Referee

Referees don’t get much respect. They’re constantly bitched at and told they suck at their jobs. It takes a guy with thick skin to excel

Katherine Webb Kissed AJ McCarron After Alabama Beat Ole Miss, Crushing Many-a Bro’s Dream

Hey! Remember that rumor about Katherine Webb dumping Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron a couple weeks back? By the looks of it, it seems to have

Johnny Manziel Made THIS PLAY Against Alabama, But It Wasn’t Enough

The Game to End All Games came and went and the world is still standing. When the smoke cleared in College Station, Alabama had its

You Can’t Yell ‘Roll Tide’ at Synagogues in Alabama

Today in Alabama Problems:

Miss Alabama Has a Pretty Crimson Tide Dress

The official religion of Alabama is college football. So, yeah, it’s not surprising that Miss Alabama’s dress for the Miss America pageant has a giant

High School Football Teams Brawl, We Watch

Ah, high school football. The pageantry. The sense of community. The small town charm. The veer option. And of course, the brawlin’.

Alabama Has a Zero-Gravity Treadmill That Let’s You Walk on the Moon

Yeah, Alabama wins National Championships but now they are gunning for Oregon's throne as the kings of cool shit. Probably why they bought themselves a

A Much Better Video Tour of Alabama’s ‘$100 Million’ Football Locker Room

A few weeks ago the world got it's first glimpse at the University of Alabama's outrageous "$100 million" football locker room via freshman offensive lineman

University of Alabama’s New ‘$100 Million’ Football Locker Room Has a Waterfall, Arcade

Because of course it does. That's just how Alabama rolls...  This pic of the University of Alabama's locker room went viral a couple of days ago.

Notre Dame Recruit Elijah Hood Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letter Down Toilet

Let’s hope four-star running back and Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood isn’t planning on ever visiting Alabama. After the shit he pulled yesterday, he is

This Guy is Super Proud of His Atrocious Alabama Tattoo

They love their football down in Alabama. This dude, however, should probably rein in his enthusiasm for the Crimson Tide.

I Survived the University of Alabama Drug Raids of 2013

What the f*ck just happened? Before most students even got up to wake-and-bake before last Tuesday's class, a large chunk of our herbal street pharmacists were

Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin Calls Nick Saban ‘Nicky Satan’, Is Brave

Troll, troll, troll your boat.

BCS Update: Computer Says Notre Dame is Still No. 1

Computers can’t be trusted. Smash the nearest one in a pre-emptive strike.

A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend Was on the Today Show to Say the Media Has Been Unfair to Brent Musburger

A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, was on the "Today Show" this morning to discuss her newfound celebrity with Matt Lauer. What did we learn almost

AJ McCarron’s Priceless Reaction to the News That His Girlfriend Has Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

AJ McCarron’s girlfriend and former Miss Alabamba, Katherine Webb, went "viral" and became a household name overnight. Soon she'll be gossip-page fodder, clubbin' on the illumanti beautiful

There’s Nothing Funny About HaHa Clinton-Dix’s Incredible Interception for Alabama

Alabama wins! Alabama wins!

Alabama’s Barrett Jones is Really Good at Scrabble, Has a Dirty Mind

Alabama is mopping the floor with Notre Dame. It’s 28-0 at halftime, everyone is SEC country is sticking their chests out mightily, and millions of