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Dear Alabama Students: Do Not Yell “Roll Tide” in the Library

People are trying to study.

These New Auburn Commemorative Iron Bowl Shirts Are Troll-tastic

Every great college football victory needs a tee-shirt. 

Is Shocked Vikings Fan as Good as Shocked Alabama Fan?

Yesterday brought us the joy of shocked Alabama fan. 

Stunned Alabama Fan Is Already Legendary

As he should be. That was the most stunning end to a game ever. EVER. 

Brent Musburger Loses It Over the Hotness of AJ McCarron’s Mom and Girlfriend

He's not wrong, either... 

Watch an Alabama Couple Break Down During Texas A&M Loss

I normally operate by a strict anti-"Making Fun of People Just Because They Have a Southern Accent" policy. But this is too much.

Alabama Fan Watches His Team Lose During Call of Duty Game, Freaks Out

Like many of us, you probably caught the Alabama-Texas A&M game on Saturday night. It was one of the most thrilling contests of the year—Texas

Quite a Riptide: University of Alabama Administration Cancels Fraternity Pledgeship Indefinitely

In news filed under WOW, the University of Alabama announced earlier today that fraternity pledging will be cancelled for the remainder of the year, effective

Old Alabama Fan Sings ‘Call Me Maybe,’ Sucks Out Souls

I’ve been saying “Call Me Maybe” was stupid since, well, the first one. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from posting a few efforts. I