Late Show

Al Pacino Wanders Onto Stage At ‘Late Show’, Makes Odd Request Of David Letterman, Acts As Nuts As Ever


The last fews weeks of the Late Show with David Letterman is going to include a sick amount of celebrity cameos.

Sean Penn

8 of the most overrated and overpaid movie stars


There are basically two ways to A-List fame in this great country of ours - either work really hard and be super-talented and make movies that lots of people want to see or let someone film you getting pissed on.


A supercut of Al Pacino overacting is a good way to spend six minutes


Nelson Carvajal put together a supercut titled "Al Pacino: FULL ROAR", featuring clips of Al Pacino chewing the scenery like no other.

Will Smith

9 actors who turned down memorable movie roles

By | 9 Comments

Chances are if you turn down a job you later regret, not too many people are going to beat you up over it.

worst Oscar winners in history

9 of the worst Oscar winners ever


Oscar season is upon us, that time of year when the entertainment industry comes together to give each other hand-jobs and laud the best of the best.

Val Kilmer

9 actors who saved otherwise mediocre movies

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We’ve already taken a look at what can happen when a bad character or actor torpedoes a movie, but what about the flipside.


Adam Sandler officially worst actor of 2011, and worst actress


The annual Razzie Awards have just been announced, celebrating the poopiest cinema of the year, and Adam Sandler set new records in sucking.

Robert De Niro

Pacino, De Niro, Scorsese, and Pesci May Team Up for New Mob Movie


I spent way too long making the photoillustration above just so that I could tell you that the ultimate mob movie may now be in the works.

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